Friday, August 5, 2011

Raw Milk Insanity

Despite the Nation and the State of California being bankrupt
and basically running on fumes...there are government officials
hellbent on attacking people promoting healthy and clean foods.

The people that organized the raid on Rawesome could surely
be labels as thugs and even terrorists by many.

They confiscated the food, poured high quality dairy down the drain,
and arrested at least 3 people so far.

Read more at Natural News HERE.

This is total BS...all the while Big Pharma and Big Tobacco
and Alcohol can sell just about whatever they want and
they all know that it kills their customers. punishment.

We live in a VERY wacky world...its probably best not to become
too horribly invested in this insane can this even be real?

From Mike Adams -

"If people want to buy raw milk knowing full well that there is a tiny fraction of a
percentage of risk that the milk might make them sick, then let 'em buy the milk!
Doesn't raw fish have a warning that could be used for raw milk?
Isn't downhill skiing dangerous? Isn't swimming in a public pool far more dangerous
than drinking raw milk? And what about the dangers of eating aspartame, MSG,
hydrogenated oils and chemical food preservatives?
Why are all the government agencies okay with all those poisons but not okay
with people eating real food that might, on extremely rare occasions,
cause someone to have an upset stomach?

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Seriously everyone...think about why this is being targeted.