Sunday, May 1, 2011

The April 2011 Minnesota Food Forest!!

I was lucky enough to find North Central Reforestation -
they are only 30 min from my space in Minnesota and
because of them I was able to do a truly massive planting.
Over 300 trees and shrubs were planted in the past two weeks!!!!

Spring is the best time to "clean" up the woods a bit...
keeping pathways clean and checking around for mushrooms.
Lots of time in the woods alone brings clarity!!

Besides looking for mushrooms, I feel that Im becoming much more
tuned in with the seasons and how nature awakens during the spring.
I found wild ramps growing down by the wetter and lower spots of our area.
It was truly a gift from nature...I have picked only one so far because I
simply enjoy seeing them there so much. I was going to plant some
but alas...nature beat me to it.
The dome is seriously popping now. Ive been putting in seedlings
like Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato and Stevia, in between the dynamic accumulators
like comfrey, yarrow, and white clover. I am taking more photos tmrw!!!

May 1st is here...its COLD and VERY windy.
I feel so bad for all the trees that were planted last week. :(
They will make it though, and its been wet enough to keep the
roots nice and happy until the sun really starts beaming.

Here's a little vid - made this a week ago and you wouldnt
believe the difference from then until now. Im going
to film more this week now that things are waking up quickly!

On to May!!!!