Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where will you plant paradise??

Just curious about what people are feeling about location...Have we considered a long term water supply? Neighbors? Climate? Geopolitics?Food Storage?
We are ultimately planning for NO electricity just in case...we are thinking GENERATIONS here..not just the next few decades. Who knows what access we will have to electricity 75 years from now? We will definitely use and enjoy it now, but we'll be able to get along very comfortably without it. Its all about thinking it out and taking the steps.

We have the Blackbird Food Forest in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States and also the one in Minnesota. I feel long term the Minnesota one has the viability especially in terms of water. To plan for 50-100 or even 500 years, there has to be serious planning around water and waste disposal.

With Minnesota, its dealing with the winter cold...and storing food. There is plenty of biomass nearby for warmth, but staying there in the winter would be a last resort. Ideally, something in a nice northern area from April to October and then something either tropical or very mild in the winter. Being able to escape the winter cold saves so much energy thats not needed to keep your toes toasty at night! Hawaii year round would be a wonderful choice as well.

Of course this decision plays into our relationships as well...will we team up with family? FRIENDS? Do we have what it takes to build a small eco-village? I think and know we do. Thats how we've lived for EONS and thats how we will live again.
Teaming up makes things move so much faster, once everyone can agree on who does what!

So...let us know...we are curious. Where will you do it? What sounds best?