Friday, December 3, 2010

Supporting Surthrival

(photo surthrival 2010)

The work of Daniel Vitalis and those close to him has
strongly influenced my health approach in the past few years.
From springwater, to animal fats and pine pollen,
he has continually brought fresh and unbiased thinking to the community.
Expanding far beyond the raw paradigm, Surthrival goes deep
into all facets of herbalism and represents Earth's most potent foods
from the four kingdoms of the planet -
-Bacteria (Prebiotic+Probiotic)

Myself and everyone in the Blackbird tribe are huge supporters
of what the Surthrival tribe is doing...we are creating huge change!!!

The deep gratitude I have just for being exposed to springwater
is hard to communicate - that action alone really activated something in me.
That beautiful water fresh out of Mother Earth is impossible to match!

(Climbing up to a mountain spring in Ojai, California USA)

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