Monday, December 6, 2010

Replanting Paradise!

The revolution isnt going to happen with protests and petitions.
Its going to happen with people like us getting into organic gardening,
eating clean food, and supporting companies with heart.

Its going to happen when young people dream of the Paradise Garden
they will co-create with their loved ones!
When mom and dad get into raising chickens and plant 10 fruit trees
in their back AND FRONT yard.

Join us!!
We created an online community for everyone to share
their ideas, photos, videos, and INSPIRATION!
We are setting up the ning network now!!!
I am SO excited about this, seriously.
Its my joy to see other people's creations,
and honestly I am NOT getting my fix. Help me out here!

We can choose to flood our reality with positive ideas
instead of negative doubts and hesitations...

Let us step into the next paradigm together.
We dont have to be physically together to make each other's dream occur.
Individually we must create (truly we co-create) our own space,
for we are THE ARTISTS that create these LIVING masterpieces.
but via our community online, we can help share ideas for our minds
and inspirations and good energy for our heart.

"The masterpieces that the great painters
created now collect dust on the wall,
the masterpieces we create live on
and continue to co-create themselves, forever."

-Anthony Anderson