Monday, December 13, 2010

Michael Pollan bought and paid for???

Lying by omission?
Supporting the S 510 bill....the bill that will give
only more power to the federal centralized government
to invade small farms while making no mentions of
GMOs, the spraying of poisons on the soil and plants,
and miserable factory farm conditions.

Pollan's article can be read HERE.
He is a good writer, and he makes good points,
but he omits everything about big Ag supporting the bill
and the early gestapo tactics of federal inspectors.

This is big brother/big sister sinking it's claws deeper and deeper
into our lives, and leaves so much power for the elites.

A great interview that Patrick had with Dr Betty Martini
puts S 510 in a full perspective.

Check out the interview HERE.
Patrick shares his thoughts for awhile then the interview starts....

Mr. Pollan has sadly been bought and sold.
Instead of bringing light to certain important issues like
most beet sugar (if it doesnt say CANE sugar, its beet sugar) being GMO.

GMO beets...all the sugar in processed foods.
I didnt even know this till 6 months ago!
And Im kind of a nerd about all this, but wow...we are being
fed all these mystery foods and people that are presented to us
like Mr. Pollan give us hope but sadly leave us in the dark.

I thank him for bringing more local eating to light.
I miss the Michael Pollan who wrote about GMO corn syrup.
His work probably had the biggest impact in shifting the public opinion
against corn syrup, which has been largely renamed "corn sugar" since.

He's a progressive gatekeeper...bound and gagged by either fear or money.