Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blackbird's In-Store Garden Demo at Whole Foods, and Fighting Darkness with...

Such an honor and privilege to work with these two amazing women!

I think i've found my calling!

"Male model goes from a Times Sq Billboard to a Sq Ft Garden!"

My heart sings for this kind of stuff.
We had the kids pop in the seedlings and they just loved it.
We also did a great smoothie demo and gave each person some peat pellets
to start their own plants RIGHT AWAY. Thats the key. Not later...NOW.

Earlier in the week I spoke at a high school in Tempe about my story
and gave the students lots of tips about post-high school life
and how to milk as much life out of this particular ride as possible.
I spoke about the traps set up to get them into the 9-5 and how to
design a life that can still have abundance without consuming so much time.

They made a thank you card and their wonderful teacher
gave me Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass"...a classic.

Well...this is what its all about.
I feel that there is literally a war going on for the hearts and minds
of the children...the forces of darkness have so many resources but they
are clearly lacking the one thing that will change everything.
Love. And the desire for Heaven on Earth.
I want these kids to be live lives of purpose and co-creation.
Not to be mere cogs in the wheel or names on the employee list.
We are all Angels, so why do so many parents insist on locking their
kids away with the mentality of fear and lack?

Whats really interesting and even somewhat ironic is that
I know for a fact that they wouldnt have listened to me the same way
if I hadnt done big modeling jobs, and now all of that makes sense to me.

I knew from the start when I was living in Paris and reading
Thoreau's Walden...if I stuck with that path and landed some big jobs Id
have more credibility when it came to healthy living and eating.

Maybe that was why I fell into modeling?
As if it was a weapon to fight the forces of darkness?

Looking back on it now it doesnt sound all that crazy.