Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Really? REALLY?




Just floating nicely right into millions of people.

Here is the idea...there are MANY more commercial jets.
Why just these streaks?

Its a bad science-fiction movie.

From the New Times SLO:

Why do the media neglect chemtrails?


Rose Damour

I’m responding to Mark Hoffman’s letter (“Contrails are not government spraying,” April 8). The contrail/chemtrail argument has been around for more than a decade. Neither our politicians nor our newscasters report on this constant “phenomenon” of jets flying overhead spewing out something, whether it is water or chemicals. Personally, it’s hard to believe water condensation from jets could leave such long-lasting pseudo cloud trails that spread and linger until our beautiful sky turns into a grey cloudy mess. If these contrails are the result of larger, faster, higher-flying jets at different altitudes, then maybe we should turn our attention to toxic jet fuel being burned into greenhouse gases, and the waste dropping into our breathing air. This would be a better use of our time than as Hoffman wrote, “wishing that the airline industry actually would get paid by the government to spray the masses …”

Is he not among the masses?

I suspect these jets are having a profound impact on our health, skies, and weather. I question whether allergies people are experiencing lately are the result of nature or whether they are the result of man-made airborne compounds.