Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in NY, Blackbird and OA team up

Natalia Rose is doing an event at OA tmrw evening,
and I finally get the chance to say hello.

Im not even sure what her "eating style" is like these days.
Why have to even think about such a thing?


Blackbird and Organic Avenue have teamed up!
Its an honor! OA is hosting so many events these days
and has quickly become a hub of the conscious community.

Alexandra and I harvested springwater yesterday in AZ,
and had planned to hike THIS spring but ended up running short on time after
visiting Fossil Creek Creamery and picking up 5lbs of some of the
finest goat cheese we've ever had.
Ill have a complete post when I get the photos uploaded.

So after a red-eye flight and four hours of sleep, Im in NYC.
The air is pretty thick as you walk thru rush hour traffic :(

If you have the fresh air - ENJOY IT!

If anyone is in NY tmrw check out the OA event HERE.

Embrace any dichotomy in your life, it makes things interesting!