Thursday, April 8, 2010

Planting a Fig...the Organic Way!

Arent these new videos insanely better than before?

If youre curious about the mix I used,
I did lots of organic composted mulch,
some organic topsoil, mixed in with native soils.

The fig was planted on the west side of the house, so it doesnt
get hit with direct sun till 12 noon, but the sun is intense,
so for Arizona it will work out perfectly.

I will continue to expand the radius of mulch and soil,
so the fig will continue to push its roots further out.

I added lots of mulch on top, and will add some more soon.
Clipplings, weeds, dry grass, all works.

No need to ever use chemical fertilzers...
and no need to ever support the companies that make them,
or EVER use them on your precious soil.
Compost, kelp, manures, your own pee and poopy,
your pet's pee and poopy lol...its all good.

And I think the whole scare-tactic about using omnivore manure
is of the same mentality that tells us to get vaccinated, cook all our
foods, and use antibacterial soap on absolutely everything.

I wash my hands like everyone else, but for the soil around
fruit and nut trees, its a totally different ballgame.
The soil likes all that crazy eats it up.

I wouldn't use dog poop from a dog eating GMO soy and corn,
but if it was eating organic foods and meats, then of course.
You should see the new growth on the fruit trees since I've
been adding horse and dog manures under all the mulch.

Wash your hands and don't touch your eyes or mouth out in
the garden if at all possible, and always always eat lots of fermented
foods to keep your good bacteria levels high so nothing bad
has even a chance of establishing itself.
If you can grow one type of tree and you dont live in a tropic area
(that includes southern california and florida) I would def go with figs.
Pound for pound, nothing is more seasonal and pricey per pound.

Jake over at has a ton of figs growing around his dome
and I cannot wait to see what it will look like in 2-3 years.

I water the trees almost every day, and continue to mix in food/kefir residues with
my special water blends...chlorella is great as well as some sugar for bacteria.

I hope you all enjoy the videos.
Fruit trees are so cheap when you really think about it -
Lets get in long-term mode and start planting trees.

Sanitary Mary signing off...