Saturday, February 13, 2010

Transitions, brokens laptops, mac & cheese, and complaining

I got this pic from my facebook page.
I havent uploaded any pics from my regular digital camera,
so Ive been using the iphone for basically everything except
watching Avatar - The Last Airbender and doing posts.

My dell laptop finally burned out its screen.
6 years...not bad, and I can get it fixed,
but with the iphone, minimalization,
and kind souls lending me their computer for an hour or two,
Ive been able to get by with little disturbance,
but I need to get my winter garden videos uploaded soon though.

Its actually been great, way more time doing stuff in the physical world,
but when we tend to base our lives more and more in cyberspace,
the more time we have to spend there (either for income or social)
starts increasing really fast. I could be online all day learning
and watching youtube and chatting with friends all over the world.
Its great, but again...Balance.

The weather has been off and on in NY,
making for adventurous sidewalk experiences.
I have to stay really focused sometimes because these
fermenting grey slush puddles will form and if you step right into
one your day has just officially gone FUBAR.
Especially when its dark, and everything is covered in slush anyways.

Because Ive been making (and grazing on) fudge
truffles so much this week my sugar intake has been
a bit higher than normal. I feel sort of fuzzed out.
Im wanting to get to Arizona asap (just a few more days)
and its like those last few days before summer vacation.
And Im just over big city life...not my place for daily existence...
Holidays and working yes, daily life? Noooo..

Ill usually sit on the rooftop in Soho and look around the area.
Usually its a clear day and I can see a decent ways away.
Buildings as far as you can see pretty much.
I saw a Nat Geo show about Henry Hudson coming into the bay 400 yrs ago,
and how they established the city downtown.
A while back it really sunk into me that they chopped down
every poor majestic oak and chesnut and everything else on the island.
First, so they could grow grains(?), and 2nd for shabby buildings.
Total nutjobs...I mean...come on!

Where's the reverence for nature?
Couldnt they have built a cool forested city?
Why cut down everything? It just seems so insane
and so much damn work anyways. Why not just plant
edibles in between? Everything just feels so wrong
in a big hypercity like this. Just really bad design and adaptation.
SO many EMFs and poor air quality...
And just all the idling cars in the streets, you wouldnt believe it.
Or maybe you would? Maybe most of us would now.

Fresh water, got that (thank you Findaspring).
Fresh air, going for that in a few days.
Fresh food, always! Well, pretty much!

I went to macbar yesterday in NYC,
and for those who havent heard of it its like
a deluxe mac & cheese place.
Feeling adventurous lol, I got the mac' shroom
and it was INSANELY good. Damn was that good.
If youre a mac & cheese fan and youre in NYC you should
really stop by and no they didnt pay me.
Neither did Maple Hill Creamery.
I found that walking thru Lifethyme yesterday.
I had it with some Trader Joe's frozen raspberries
and a coconut chewie that Lifethyme makes in the deli.
That was such a primo little meal.

Its like my life sometimes is centered around me walking
around NYC and eating random food and taking pictures.
I actually will walk around Whole Foods
if Im in the area and theres nothing else going on.
I like looking at all the different beers and chocolates now.
Always researching! Or is that just the life of a bored foodie?
More posts coming soon...sorry for the dry spells