Saturday, February 13, 2010

Check this Out

I love where this is going. This is from the Fresh Team

We received a huge response to our article, "Why the shift away from veganism in the raw world?" A big thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts and experiences by commenting online - it makes very interesting reading, so do hop on over and check it out if you haven't already.
And thanks also to those of you who wrote to us privately to tell us of your very personal challenges, setbacks and frustrations in trying to find a diet that works for you.
Having read your comments, we decided it was necessary to go into this topic in greater depth. So we asked two experts with extensive knowledge of raw vegan diets - Dr Douglas Graham of and Thomas Billings of - to answer our question, "Is 100% raw vegan our optimal diet?"
Those familiar with their work will be unsurprised to know they answered "yes" and "no" respectively. Today we bring you the articles they submitted to back up those positions. We felt it was important to present both sides of this debate and we also gave our experts the opportunity to respond to what the other wrote, and we bring you their responses to each other, too. Topics discussed include:
Whether there are any nutrients we need that we can't get from plant foodsThe evidence that animal foods are bad for usWhat our ancestors ate Whether raw vegan is the natural human dietGo here to read the article.
With our very best wishes,

The Fresh Team