Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Ideas

Its a sad state of affairs when people feel safer
eating corporate "chocolate" like Milky Way and Hershey's
full of GMO soybean oil and corn syrup,
instead of homemade cacao treats created with love.
How nice would Halloween be if it were done in a
tightly-knit community where everyone could make their
own treats with love and pass them out to the kids?
That would be fun, right?
Who convinced us to trust M&M Mars more than each other?

I was going to head up to Central Park and look for
wildflower seeds that I can plant next spring,
but it was just really windy and the NYC Marathon
was going on so I decided to stay in.

After vibrating gratitude and joy on the couch
for 45 minutes or so, I decided to give some love to the plants.

Here is the lovely Black Sapote.
We had some sunflowers in a jar that are just
now going bad, so I tore them up (sorry!)
and spread them around the base of the trees.

Here is the base of the White Sapote.
Im interested to see if the worms will eat this stuff pretty quick.
The worms are all alive and well inside the containers,
moving nutrients around and depositing castings
(free organic fertilizer) onto the top layer.
So they will convert these torn up sunflowers
into organic compost...thank you my wormy friends.
And they aerate the soil too, dont forget.

I also came up with an idea for the sundeck in Minnesota today.
I first intended to put a yurt on top of it,
but after some acknowledgement of basic science,
I realized that keeping that thing warm in the winter would be
a massive hassle. Maybe Ill put something smaller on it, but
what I would really treasure would be a raised bed in the
shape of an octagon (like the deck, but smaller), about 12-14ft in diameter.
It would fit right in the middle of the deck.
We could put a little fire dish in the center and it would be just perfect.
You should see the views of the Milky Way from that spot.
Truly humbling and breathtaking.
I intend to plant the whole perimeter with a sacred plant
such as yarrow or maybe chamomile.
Maybe even some nettles? But I want flowers for sure.

And then cover the rest with a low-lying white clover,
so it takes on a nice carpeted effect.

We would have places to sit and relax,
and it would be a great place to tell stories and have ceremonies!
Singing songs and playing music!

The deck is obviously in the upper left corner.
The canopy really opens up to the southern sky so
the view to the south and the east is just stellar. Literally.

There would be plenty of space around the raised octagon bed
to hang out and walk around, so its not like it will take over the deck.

It would be such a magical place to sleep as well!
Or give birth? Or conceive and then give birth? What?

I'm reading part 6 of the Ringing Cedar Series,
and its focusing heavily so far on child-raising.
Anastasia says that a child should be conceived
in the "Space of Love", the Kin's domain, the special garden of the family.
And that if the child is conceived in one special place in that
garden, and then enters the outside world in that very same space,
even more power will be bestowed upon that little soul.

She also says that the mother should hopefully stay in the Space of love
for the duration of her pregnancy. This is such an interesting
series, and I really have to recommend it to everyone.

Could you ever imagine how powerful it would be to create
a Space of Love for your future family and then bring
a fiercely-treasured child into that garden?

She also said that when a child is conceived with the pure
intention of co-creation instead of sexual lust that something
magical happens as well. Its a really intriguing book, and I wish
more young people would get into it as soon as possible.

How cool would it be if a high-school or university professor
did a course on the Ringing Cedars Series?
Think about the conversations in class!

The books are truly life-changing, and if you are inspired
enough to create your own Space of Love, get a plan in place
as soon as you can. With about 4-5 years of hard work,
saving, and planning, you can create your own Garden of Eden.

Thats my Sunday...I talked with Debbie from Debbie Does Raw too!
What a jewel you are!! Miss you Deb!!! I hope to reconnect soon!