Monday, November 16, 2009

Reflections of Judgments

I was recently reminded of the first post I ever wrote
on pretty long anger-filled diatribe about
how I felt that non-vegans couldnt be spiritual or truly peaceful.

You can read that HERE if you feel like it,
but Im frankly a little embarrassed that I wrote such stuff.
Its a documentation of my changes, for sure.

I wrote that in March of 2007 if I remember right.

When I read that, I feel like Im reading the rants of
some angry and judgment-filled vegan.
So much judgment and disconnect from others.
No compassion and ego.

At that time, I didnt even want to hang out with
people that werent raw vegans...I thought at the time,
raw people were so enlightened and I only wanted to
spend time with them. I feel so different now.
I didnt even value the opinions of cooked food eaters.

We are all brothers and sisters!
Why must we fragment ourselves even more?

Do we not share the same hopes and dreams?
Are we for gardens covering the Earth?
Are we for organic produce? Unprocessed food?
Food not pumped out in factories?
Why cant we unite under that idea?
All the while, we criticize each other while
GMO giants continue to turn our forests
into soybean and corn fields. This is crazy.

Why judge people that are into different food?
Why assume that we are more enlightened because
we might choose to abstain from a certain food group?

I would be elated to see all of us just drop this
nonsense and look towards our vastly larger amount
of similarities that we so fiercely share.

Whole-unprocessed food, food grown locally with love, food not sprayed
with poison and fed with petroleum...We all like this stuff.
We are all FOR this...why focus on the negatives?

So what if someone wants to eat cheese still?
Or fish or beef or chicken?
Are they really inferior to a vegan?
Don't many vegans claim a more compassionate and
enlightened point of view because of their diet?
Then why all the quiet and not-so quiet assumptions that
non-veggie folks or cooked food eaters are stupid & brainwashed?

Im mad at myself for being so dragged down with
some crap superiority complex...writing just really narrow-minded stuff.

Use me as a mirror if you you judge others by
what they put into their mouths? Or are you over that by now?
I want lots of healthy and thriving siblings on this planet,
but Im really done with the judgments.

Youre on your path, Im on mine, your parents are on theirs.
Becoming attached to this one chapter of your existence
will cause allot of unneeded suffering...
everyone is exactly where they need to be right now,
even it REALLY doesnt seem like it most of the time.
They are headed to where they need to be,
just like you, and myself. Its all good!
No worrying about what others eat and
for heaven's more judging.