Friday, November 6, 2009

Anastasia Update...and videos

Im beginning to feel that there are two types of humans
in this world today, those who are taking an active part
in rebuilding Paradise on Earth, and those who are not.

The more I read Anastasia (which I dont necessarily agree
with everything written, we do have to remain open-minded)
the more hope and energy I feel to spread the ideas of joy
that can be had by creating our own Space of Love.

I really feel that this is the answer to every problem
we are facing. If a person takes action, every problem
that they might be facing will be dealt with by working
in the garden, whether emotional, financial, or physiological.

If a state or nation takes action, every problem that
it might be facing will also be dealt with.
Could you imagine tens of millions of families producing
their own food and living without any help from
some distant government agencies? Or corporate food providers?

This makes so much ECONOMICAL sense that Im amazed
more politicians havent jumped onto it, but I know who
they are serving mostly at the moment, so its all the better
that we can take the steps ourselves and also with our families
to make paradise happen in our little corners of the world.

Here is part 4 and 5 from a documentary about
people taking actions written about in the Ringing Cedars series.

It doesnt matter if you have lots of money,
or if youre living paycheck to paycheck.
That has NOTHING to do with any of this.
Planting a Space of Love will vastly improve your life.
And with a year or two of saving, you can EASILY get started.
A little discipline early on goes a long way...
and when I say a long way, I mean your great-grandchildren
will be telling stories about you to their children
about how you built the Sacred Family Garden that
they continue to enjoy and thrive in. Powerful.

There is nothing stronger and more feasible
than this idea...this one act can fix everything.
If the corrupt leaders of the world will plant a
Space of Love of their own, I believe that their minds and
hearts will completely change and they will no longer be able to
steal from the public and serve destructive interests.
Call me naive, but I really believe that it will fix everything.

Eating berries and leaves as I walk through my garden
each morning gives me more tranquility than hours of meditation.
I think we had to start meditating more because we separated ourselves
from the true source of calming love that once always
gave us so much insight before we decided to leave it.

We can get that back! Its even easier if you have family members
willing to take this project on with you, or if you already have yard
space. Sure...Anastasia says 1 hectare (about 2.5 acres) is perfect -

(I have .75 hectares...but remember to work with surrounding
areas for lovely wildflowers and cover crops too of course) -

-but even if you have WAY less, you can still feed yourself most of the time
and give yourself some much needed connections with the cycles of
life and the creations of the Universe.

And your actions will inspire those around you,
and it will be a large ripple in the pond of your existence.

When you start playing with objects created by nature
instead of the much slower objects created by man,
your thoughts will begin to speed up dramatically.

Think about that when you give a baby a piece of plastic to play with.

The Space of Love is a living work of art.
Compare it to a painted canvas sitting in a museum.

The garden, a living-breathing work of art,
continually co-creating itself and evolving.
Made with the highest love, the love of co-creation
and the intention of providing for one's descendants.

The painting...beautiful and made with care and love,
but now dead...not changing and sadly finished.
And not taking care of anything living either.

We need art that is alive, and that can actually
feed our bodies and our souls as well.
Become that artist. Now is the time.

Rawmodel was started to get people excited about eating
raw vegan foods, but if you create your own Space of Love
and continually eat from the plants that live within it,
your diet will become a complete afterthought.
When that happens, you will then be sailing to complete health.

Eating raw is great, but we are still dependent on others
for nearly everything that keeps us fed and comfortable.
Can we not improve upon that anymore?
Even the richest people in the world eat like hobos
compared to those who live in their own Spaces of Love.
Think about that.
A golden raspberry, enjoyed 1 second after picking...

You can't buy a berry this fresh.

Have a good weekend...visualize your Eden.