Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It feels like it should be the name of
a pro wrestling event.

Surthrival 2009...BE THERE!

I think this will be a major event though,
life-changing for many people I would bet.

I fully support both Daniel and Vanessa's ventures,
for they are providing true quality for all of us.
Daniel's talks will shake many to their core,
and very few walk away unaffected.
If you are near NYC this Saturday,
I would highly recommend attending.
I'll be there for sure, and to sweeten the day's events,
Im going to host a meetup open to Surthrival attendees
in Central Park. I was planning some kind of light-jog/
powerwalk coupled with some wild foraging, mostly
focusing on mulberries and some juneberries.

I know a few sweet spots along the path and
it would be fun to visit with everyone attending the event.
How will I know you are attending? I wont.
These things attract honest people, and if you
arent planning to go to Surthrival at 5:30, we wont try to
hold it against you. You should really attend though,
because the talk and the treats will be stellar.

The only question is whether people would get all
sweaty from jogging and then have to go home and clean up
before the event at 530. We could do something at noon,
but that might be early for some,
and many people don't feel like powerwalking. Understood.
The park is a 6 mile loop,
and really shouldnt take more than
70-90 minutes. We can talk about whatever.

Food, permaculture, traveling, exercise...you name it.
I can get cleaned up after jogging, so I am going
to do the loop, probably around noon.

So meet us in front of Whole Foods at Columbus Circle
at 12 noon.

If you are going to do the jog-powerwalk,
bring good shoes and be prepared for a 5.5 mile jog
(which you can always cut short by cutting across the park
and meeting us at the spot on West 72nd.)

Everyone else should then meet at 72nd and Central Park West,
by Strawberry Fields. I would be there
at 2 pm. We can then have a mulberry/juneberry buffet
provided by mother nature. The birds will be fine, they get
their share..trust me. Humans without ladders eat about 5%
of the available fruit on a tree if it doesn't fall to the ground.
Ask me any questions you might have that you think
I may be able to help with...there are no dumb questions!
(remember though, I am a fellow student, so dont take
my words for gospel. You are the true expert for yourself.)

I checked the mulberries on Sunday morning and a few were
ready, so by this Saturday there will be plenty for all.

Surthrival is 10 blocks south of Whole Foods Columbus Circle
and 5 blocks south of Westerly, which has a great raw section in the
back of the store...really wonderful place and I always stop in
if Im in the area for work or castings.

I will leave the park around 330 to get ready for the event.

Also, I will be selling kefir grains that we have raised recently.
We have produced a very happy water kefir population,
and are looking to sell off some excess.

$15 to get you started with a good population and instructions
and they will be packed so you can
easily bring them home. We have a limited amount
so please let me know if you are interested so I know
just how much I should prepare.
First come, first serve.

See you all on Saturday!