Saturday, May 30, 2009

RawUtah's Backyard Permaculture Project

Ive been following Jake at for a while now,
and I have to say I keep getting more and more impressed
by his work. His setup is so well-done and cared for,
and I really think his approach is what is truly applicable to
most people in the US. He is growing ABUNDANT amounts of food
in a relatively small space, and this intensive method is
really the answer to most problems facing the suburbs.

Here is his May update.

Here is his Dome Update. SIIIIIICK!!!

Great stuff my friend!
Everyone else! Doing something similar? Take some pics
and send them this way so we can share the inspiration.

I get excited when I hear about people getting into more living foods,
but I get TOTALLY pumped when I learn about a new friend growing
their own food. Its really the key to our liberation.

When I get back to MN next week, I am building a tomato setup like
Jake did...I was blown away! I cant wait to see it next month!

I LOVE the agribon to block out the brassica-loving insects too.
Excellent idea for any kale-cabbage-kohlrabi-brussel sprout fans.

Again, great to see this happening...let's all take this to new levels!
This is where the innovation really takes place.
The pioneers like Bill Mollison and David Holmgren make the breakthroughs,
but then everyone learning from them tweaks their idea and can only
improve upon them eventually. Unlimited potential.