Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reader Question

Yes...I get LOTS of questions like this.

Dear Anthony,

Im just starting raw and wanted to know if you can give me any advice
on what books I can read and what supplies to get. I live in baltimore, MD
and don't know what to do at times when im hungry. Please help.


I would pride myself on resourcefulness.
One, because it made me feel rewarded to dig for
answers myself and I would learn SOOOO much
more than just asking someone for some random thing.

And two, I didnt feel right taking up people's time with questions
that I should be resourceful enough to find out on my own.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn.
But we must really try to trust OURSELVES
to attempt to find answers on our own
through the internet or books or whatever else.
I am NOT a guru. Well...just for myself. I'm a particular signpost
pointing in a particular direction. My answers may
or may not serve you...the real guru is YOU.
You already know the answers, it just takes
a little remembering to clear things up.

I answer more questions via email and facebook
than I would have ever anticipated. I am more than
happy to help, but some questions.......

If a person does just even a little DIY research first,
not only will they find the answer, but they will learn
more in the process and will be doing themselves
a huge service by training themselves how to find info.

Im more than happy to give my time to help everyone out,
but it does take a good amount of time to pump out a bunch
of answers that arent half-assed and rushed.

Its better to do the research first, then ask any
questions if that doesnt work. Just going for a quick
answer will be doing a big disservice to yourself.

There is also the FAQ in the header...that should help as well.

We found a place too! Going to be doing some serious
training and getting ready for spring. Ill be starting
seedlings this week so by the time I head back to Minn
they will be ready for transplanting.

If you are wise enough to be gardening this year,
I would recommend to you to start doing the leg-work
for locating more good soil and compost.
Check the yellow pages for horse stables and riding schools.
They will be able to give you good composted manure
that is likely from grass feedings.

Start ordering your minerals and could
totally start stuff indoors now and it will be ready
and strong by the time you plant them in a month or so.

Im in the far north of the US, so I have to maximize
growth for the shorter-than-normal season.
Others might be more fortunate to have warmer weather
already. Wherever you are, its time to start prepping.