Monday, March 2, 2009

The Depth of Patriotic Conditioning

I saw this video just now and had to share it with you.

It has to do with both vaccinations and the military...
you should really check it out when you have the chance.

The most ironic thing is that the young man who was
poisoned and lied to by his military was still so
brainwashed with patriotic and nationalistic conditioning
that he still wanted to go back to the Marines when he got better.

It will be a beautiful day when the vast majority of
America's (and the Earth's) young people finally
and stop putting their bodies on the line for
governments that don't give a damn about them.
Soldiers are just pawns on the chessboard.
Plain and simple. PAWNS.

It all starts with the pledge of allegiance
and the fourth of July. We are tricked into thinking
that we are being brave and selfless by serving in the military.
That enemies are threatening our way of life and our families.
Are you motivated by fear or love?

Instead, we are fooled into being chess pieces for
the corporate-owned government so they can
gain more wealth and power across the globe.

Id rather sit in jail reading books than serve them.
Violence will never end violence. The past 7 years should
have clearly made that apparent to everyone with even
the most basic level of brain activity.

When the youth finally wakes up, and refuses
to donate our bodies to their cause of murder and greed,
the people that have caused all this suffering across so many nations
will finally be powerless. Unless they build more robots.
Which is obviously happening.

If someone you know is thinking about joining,
show them the movie "Born on the Fourth of July".
At least then they can decide for themselves.
The brainwashing and societal pressure is DEEP.
No one wants to upset the troops.
Lets WAKE THE TROOPS UP instead and get them
to see what they are really fighting for (read: Empire building).

Rant finished. Fight war, not wars.