Monday, March 23, 2009

Acne Advice from a Friend...

My friend Elizabeth is in Central America right now,
and her internet service is somehow not letting her
leave comments on the site. Here is what she wanted to share:

something about my internet service here and i cannot leave comments on your blog. although my internet has improved much, (right before we leave of course,) still no comments.

i made a simple remedy for acne...someone asked that. i actually get acne if i eat dairy which sometimes i still do. but also stress and hormones too.
anyway, this has been like the holy grail for me, so i went through a lot to find something that works for me.
here it is:
i make a face cleanser of one part turmeric, three parts nutmeg and three parts cumin. like the dry spices. you can empty a spice jar with a shaker top and keep it in the shower. if you put too much turmeric, it will leave your face a little yellowish. so anywho, put some in your hand and gently you know scrub (oxymoron) on wet skin and then rinse it off. sometimes i leave it on for a few minutes cause literally it smells like heaven and feels delicious on your skin.
then i use alcohol free thayer's rose petal witch hazel with aloe as a toner. i never got into toner but i think it does something good. i don't use paper or cotton balls tho. i just pat some on with my hand and let it soak in.
anyway, then if you have a spot you could put something on watered down tea tree oil.
and then i make this basically food for my face with raw coconut oil and raw honey, like a drop of each and rub them together in my hand. and then i pat it all over my face. sometimes i rinse it off a little after i have let my skin eat it for awhile. but not always. but literally it makes your skin soooo happy and glowy and it heals from spots faster and it's just heaven for your skin. for some reason plain coconut oil starts to depress me cause my hair gets all greasy and i feel like everywhere i go i leave a cocnut imprint from my FACE. YUCK! so...ha ha ha. the honey sort of sets it a little or you can rinse it off. and honey is magic anyway...yeah. great stuff that.

also giving your face a massage can move toxins from the skin faster...but i would just like tap it, you know like play piano on your face all over it. not rub. and similarly, i think awesome quantities of exercise moves lymph and improves acne too, tho, then being sure to at least rinse the top of your skin is important.

i went through a whole thing with raw food, where i felt if i just ate right my skin should come to some sort of equilibrium and be perfect like a child's, but experience taught me that is not the case, at least for me. i think, the world is not perfect and our skin is the first layer facing the world and needs our care and sort of constant communication to it, that it is being supported by us. anyway, i think that is a great little remedy and i know obviously, turmeric is a rhyzome like ginger and to powder it, it is generally cooked. it has many awesome health benefits and is very magic. especially the color, which we don't totally yet understand how color is medicinal from an energy standpoint, like how it supercedes other aspects of reality. so if you want to just be totally raw even in your cosmetics, you could probably just do the scrub and honey/coconut part and have great results...but i wouldn't skip the turmeric because it is cooked. it i believe is the cornerstone of the remedy. sometimes i get over zealous and add too much and then i look like i have jaundice...ha ha ha...just kidding, i never do that.

don't know if that would be helpful to your friend. acne bites.

Hope this helps. There is so much going on
with acne, and I have been shown time and time
again that a raw diet is NOT a cure-all for acne.
Other steps must be taken to either undo
the damage of the past or to give the body
a super boost to cleanse out.

Its tough...we want everything to be so easy,
and if we are disciplined enough to go raw,
you would think that it should be enough to
destroy those damn pimples...but sometimes...NO.

So play around...keep learning about cleansing
and see where it leads. This is a VERY brief time
in your life and things can improve really quickly.
Just keep learning and don't give up easily.

One more thing that Ive personally seen work is
High Lignan Flaxseed Complex by Invite Health.
They are pills, and they have worked from what Ive seen.
My skin cleared up after I cut out dairy,
but I was lucky. I took VERY little pharmaceuticals
as a child (just tetracycline for acne) so my hormones
are hopefully more balanced out.

But I have seen young women suffering from acne in
their 20's and 30's and many have blamed it on a hormone
imbalance from birth control pills.

Lots of research to do here, obviously, so keep on digging.

I planted a bunch of peas and corn and melons today in
starter cups, and all the trees are doing great.
Going to have miracle fruit in no time!

Long post...thanks for sticking with it.