Thursday, February 5, 2009

More from Bali

This shirt says it all.

(note..these are all Dawn's pics...this comp
refuses to upload mine right now)

Word to anyone planning to travel here...
DO NOT do the tourist day trips.
They will just cart you around in a tight minibus
and bring you to overexposed places with lots of
people trying to sell you things.

Your best bet BY FAR is to just hire a driver
(about $5 an hour total) and plan your own
itinerary...this is a superior choice for those
traveler's with a difference taste.

We found the best driver ever yesterday too.
Ill give more info about him on the next post when
I upload his picture.

A very common site around Bali...part house, part temple.

Check out the details in EVERYTHING here.
Its really inspired me. I have a flood of ideas
rushing through my head at all times now.

The ideas are everywhere...just have to tap into them.

More inspiration...this is behind Yoga Barn in Ubud.

The Balinese really think
you need an SUV???
100mpg...think of the savings.

The daily Balinese offering...placed in front of every
home and business. The dog and monkey's favorite morning snack.

Here's another pic of the 63 year old
climbing the coconut tree. Upping the ante
of what is possible once we get older.

Happiness can be found HERE.
Just your average road-side stand in Bali.
I had the best durian of my life yesterday.

I saw this rice terrace in the outstanding film "Baraka"
and it was a total joy to see it in person. Really jaw dropping.

More to come once I get my pics uploaded.
We visited Big Tree Farm's vegetable farm
and cacao plantation yesterday and it was great.