Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nap time is OVER...

Re-entering the World...2009 is here.

Finally! I've managed to get some pics up
and as you can see Ive been pretty busy with the dome.

It was -20F outside yesterday, and somehow
the inside of the dome hovers around 40-50F.
That is just phenomenal...meaning that as far as
tell right now, growing tropical trees in really cold areas
is in fact POSSIBLE. My trees are not flourishing at all,
but I talked to the nursery I bought the trees from and they
told me that they are simply reserving their strength for the spring.

So hope remains vibrant.

I put a grow light inside to give them some extra sunshine,
and we were all rewarded with this site after the sun went down:

It looks like a golden moon coming over the horizon...

Truly a treat to see every evening.
The light goes off at 8pm, giving the trees a full
13 hours of daylight...although it can be pretty cloudy here.

It took a lot of persistence and planning, but things
are falling into place and I finally feel like I can be
proud when I show the dome to friends and family.
By this summer it will be even better.

Up next...some choice books for 2009.
Get the year started right and create the
reality you were always meant to experience.