Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In the Spirit of Giving...

Its always nice to get something in the mail.
The REAL mail. When was the last time
you received a nice letter, with words
actually written by a human hand?

Call me a romantic, but that stuff is great.

I was lucky enough to be the receiver of
something amazing the other day.

Jo from Missouri was SO kind
and sent me a package of WILD PERSIMMONS!
You should have seen the smile on my
face when I picked up the package!

Now, many of these were pretty ripe,
so when it arrived, there was a decent amount
of persimmon "pudding" in the package.

No worries though...I picked out the firm ones,
and put all the mush in a zip-lock bag,
because I totally intend to plant some of these
in Minnesota next week. She said that these
trees are tough little cookies, so I'm hopeful
that with enough mulch and some ideal
placement, they should be alright.

Global warming...allowing us to grow more!
Yikes! Seriously though...I can grow persimmons
now, where 20 years ago? Forget it.

A huge thanks to Jo...I was so touched by
your kindness. I'm sending something to you
as soon as you want me to, just let me know.

And you left this message in the package.

Anyone know what it means???

This inspired me. I've got some great little
travel bottles of Healthforce Nutritional Products,
and I'd like to offer them to someone who
comments on this very post.
The bottles are...
Vitamineral Green, Earth, and Fruits of the Earth.
They are small though...don't get too excited.
Probably a one week supply.

I might randomly pick it, or I might
be totally inspired and pick a beautiful comment.
Not sure which. The winner will get the goods,
sent out...Friday...that gives you some time.
(P.S....I will only send to the U.S...sorry everyone else,
I'm not dealing with customs, and you're already lucky
enough to live somewhere else...hehe...)

Your chances are good, and the products are awesome.

I'll contact the winner via email.

In the meantime google "Gift Economy"
or check the Wiki link here.
The closer we can transform our lives to reflect
some of these principles, especially on a local level,
the closer to paradise we become.

Download a great article about it here as well.
Its a .pdf file, just so you know.

Thanks everyone! Keep giving!!!
Because as you may have heard,
it is in the giving, that we receive.