Thursday, July 17, 2008

Restaraurant Review on Ecopolitan in Mpls

The Cashew Cheese Roll at Ecopolitan...WOW.

Since I've been going through Minneapolis lately on my way up
to the permaculture project,
I've been fortunate enough to stop by Ecopolitan a few times.

This is Minneapolis' only raw vegan restaurant, which is surprising,
because that city has such a large vegan-vegetarian community.
Whats great is that when you go into this place, you see
a lot of people that you wouldn't expect to see there.
Maybe I've been in NYC too long, but you start to
imagine only young people go out to eat at raw spots.
Maybe Im just going in the middle of day too often.

When you get right down to it, its just amazing vegan food.
Raw or not...doesn't matter, and I think thats why it brings in so
many different types of people. They have a nice store inside,
and also connected inside the same building
(which used to be a house on Lyndale avenue)
is a colon hydrotherapist. They are also really good
about bring the locally conscious community in
with get-togethers and informational lectures.

So lets get down to the food, shall we?

I've had the burger...again like every other place besides Quintessence,
its ok, but not at all mind-blowing.

Skip the falafel wrap. Not worth your time or money.
The pizzas are so-so...
My friend Aaron really digs the tostada, but I've yet to partake.

Here are the goods so far.

The cashew cheese roll pictured above is a MUST. If you dont mind cashews, that is.
We get this everytime we go. They roll the cashew cheese ball in olives, basil, and sundried tomatoes, plus some amazing seasonings. Those flax chips are superb too.

Above is the hummus platter. The hummus was so buttery the first time, which was such a strange feeling because I haven't tasted butter for years. This was really great. The second time we ordered it however, it wasn't the same. I would suggest trying it, and if you don't love it, send it back. They are very friendly there and will do whatever it takes to make you happy.

Last, but certainly not least...

The Raviolis. ASTOUNDING.
This and the cashew cheese roll would be my two picks every time now.
The sauce on top was so great...we were really happy we found this one.

There is hope for the great white north.
Would someone please keep this trend going in Minneapolis?
Even just a nice vegetarian restaurant with a few superstar
dishes like these would totally suffice.

I'm just dumbfounded when we go to vegan restaurants
and they don't have one raw option beside maybe a salad.
Are they just not paying attention? Why not have some options?

If you are ever in Minneapolis, check this place out.
Its so great how raw foodies make raw restaurants
VITAL stopping points when they are traveling?
Its so true. If I am in a new city and there is a raw restaurant,
I will do whatever it takes to get there. Love the passion!

Big ups to Ecopolitan for bringing a fresher
consciousness to the Twin Cities...go support them!