Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good out of Bad

Life's experiences, like this dragonfly, can seem scary and threatening,
but with time, we see how the story plays out, and it all seems to be alright.

This dragonfly would scare many people into possibly spraying it with
all kinds of noxious pesticides. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes
clear that the dragonfly is actually our friend, eating mosquitoes and all types
of insects that eat our vegetables and bother us while we are laying in the sun... :)

I wasnt able to make it up to Canada.
The Universe said no, and after having some feelings
of disappointment and a little bit of mild sadness,
I had to realize that this might be bad, or it might even be good.

Im not going to get into the details...
far too long and uninteresting, but I just wasnt meant for it.

David Wolfe...you are my inspiration, and one day I
will indeed visit with you and thank you in person for all
that you have given to me through your teachings.

Not just yet though...and you know what? I can accept that. Its all I can do.
To fight reality is to fight ourselves. To accept is to simply be.

It was for the best. I booked a big job today that
I would never had secured if I was in the Canadian woods.
And now that I'll be home on Sunday, Dawn and
I can go up to Boston and finally try Alissa Cohen's Grezzo.

So when something "bad" occurs in your life...step back and ask yourself;

"is this really bad, or is it possibly good?"
Actually, at that moment, you simply don't know.
Of course there are some moments that seem to be simply horrendous,
but if we wait long enough things will work out.

Here's a parable...

An old man was given a horse. He was a poor man, so this seemed
to be a great fortune given to him. All his neighbors told him;


He simply replied;

"Maybe good, maybe bad. We will see..."

A few months later his son was trying to train the horse,
and subsequently fell off and broke his leg. Again, the neighbors told him;


He simply replied;

"Maybe good, maybe bad. We will see..."

While his son was healing, a war broke out.
The king was desperate for oil and lied to the country that
they we're in serious danger and the only way to prevent this
danger was to invade the oil-rich country and "liberate its citizens".
He required all able-bodied men to join the army.
Because his son was still unable to walk, he was exempt from this.

His neighbors told him;


and again, he simply replied;

"Maybe good, maybe bad. We will see..."

Get what I mean here?

Use your raw mind power to realize that the universe loves you
and that everything will be fine. No need to worry.
Even death is an illusion. We are ONE with the source
(however you wish to name that is up to you)
and we will always be fine, no matter what happens.
This story of life is far deeper and exhilarating than most
of us would even dare to imagine.

Keep smiling always! Its the best gift you can give
to yourself and the ones around you.
Never fret...things WILL work out.