Saturday, May 17, 2008

Watermelon Juice

Lets get back to some food

Here is a video Dawn and I made yesterday
while I juiced some watermelon.

Ive always wanted to do a 3-5 day watermelon juice
cleanse but never really went through with it.

I think this summer I will do it for sure.
Watermelon is extremely cleansing
and very alkalizing, so 3-5 days of it
should give some pretty interesting results.

Im getting better at editing now too...step by step.

Peace everyone...thanks for watching and reading.



Kristen's Raw said...

Cool-we're tracking together. I posted the other day about watermelon, its benefits, my love for it, and fasting on it :)

Kristen's Raw

Jan-Niklas said...

Looks tasty!
I need the machine you have there.

I'm also really amazed by your photos. You look awesome!

Plus, you're raw vegan if I didn't misget you. Such a role model!

Greetings from Germany.

Anonymous said...

Your melon didn't have seeds. Or am I wrong?

Dhrumil said...

I'm inspired to go make some watermellon juice now!

cheers Anthony + Dawn!

Raw Chef Dan said...

Why scoop out the middle? Just juice the whole thing. I find in a lot of raw food prep videos, there are more steps than necessary. Don't make it harder than it has to be. Chop it and through it in the juicer and your done.

Rachel Akiko said...


Awesome video too, btw. :P

Anonymous said...

what kind of juicer is that?????

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,
I've been looking at buying a Breville juicer and now you've inspired me even more. Do you mind telling me the model number of your juicer and if you are happy with it?

Anonymous said...

Hey anthony,

great vlog, I never thought to juice the rind. One thing though i've just splurged on a "living juice extractor" which preserves alot more of the good stuff in the fruit.

The extractor works like a cold press.

keep up the posts.

Icarus8000 said...

Great! I am amazed at the juicing of the rind! WoW!

I love living raw! IT has giving me my life back!

Bless! Keep doing your thang!

Anonymous said...

to the post about the breville juicer, i have had one since november and i absolutely love it! i can't remember the model of mine, but it is great, easy to clean, and easy to use.

and to anthony... we totally have the same cutting board!

anyhow, now i'm craving watermelon.

melissa said...

do you buy organic? i love watermelon and used to eat one a day when i was in hs but i stopped after going raw bc organic is so expensive. what do you do?

great website

Nancy said...

hi anthony, i'm transitioning into a juice feast (while eating up the last couple of avocados/bananas in the house), and watermelon juicing has been on my mind. what exactly are the benefits you'd hope to gain from watermelon juicing for 3-5 days (rather than, say, 1 day)? thanks so much, love your blog.

PS i was flipping through a magazine at the bookstore the other day and saw you in a car ad or something----i did a double take! (although i suppose if you're in a times square billboard ad, i shouldn't have been so surprised.)

jeff said...

can you juice the rind of all the melons??

Natalie said...


You should a lead a watermelon fast at least once this summer. Just let us know when you are going to do it, and anyone who follows your blog can join you. It would be awesome!

mamacita said...

Great POst ! My kids always get to eat the watermelon before I get to have some . This way I get to enjoy it too!!!