Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Colonic Report and Water Thoughts

Feeling very calm and peaceful right now...
Ok, so I returned from my appointment about 2 hours ago. Before getting into the details, I have to say that I would recommend doing one for sure. Alot came out...not like thick black chunks that we all see in pictures, but more yellow mucus buildup.

I went to Sana Vita on E 16th St. Right before going, I realized that my card was good for a free Energy Session with the purchase of a colonic. So I called to get the price. $115, but they said that they would give me the $40 discount since it was my first time, but no complimentary energy session. I hesitated a little at $115 (Thats like 9 trays of wheatgrass!) but at $75, I knew it was worth it both for the experience and to share it with all of you. (If you care to know)...

A great raw-food documentary that shows good footage of what goes on during a colonic is called "Supercharge Me...30 Days Raw"

So the place was very pleasant. Very warm and inviting and really clean. I filled out the forms about medical history and diet, and then got changed. The woman that worked on me was wonderful. Very informative and gentle. If anyone is squeamish about these, don't worry. They are professionals and they do a very good job (at least mine did).

I told her about my apple FEASTS and she said that apples are actually one of the best ones to eat because:
1. The phosphorus helps to release the mucus in the system (I think thats what she told me)
2. Apple are low on the glycemic scale so my blood sugar isnt going to fluctuate
and 3. All that insoluble fiber in apples is going to scrub my insides right before my colonic.

She even did chlorophyll implants, which felt really good. When they fill you up, you really can feel the pressure, but when she released the water and started to massage my abdomen, lots of bits and pieces were showing up. So I dont know how common those big massive chunks are that we see in the online ads. True, Im not 50-60 years old and haven't been eating bread (glue) and meat all my life, so my colon is REALLY clean compared to 99% of the population. THANK YOU GREEN SMOOTHIES!!!

The whole thing took about 45 minutes, and when I was walking to my apt, I felt almost WACKY. Like really joyful and goofy. I had this huge smile on my face for no apparent reason. I went home, did some phone calls, then made myself a monster green juice blended with 3 lemons.

Once you're clean, you want to stay clean. That is an excellent reason for a colonic as well. That fresh start gives you a great reason to keep your system from becoming toxic again. Im going to be doing the sauna along with skin brushing 3-4 times a week now as well, so I think Im going to detox even more. I like to bring a scrub glove into the sauna with me and just go at it before I start to sweat. I feel that this activates the pores or glands or something....I just seem to sweat alot more when I do the dry scrub beforehand.

So...try a colonic! For $75 I feel that it was beyond worth it. I feel REALLY good right now, and really cleaned out.

Thoughts on Water -

Ok, I have to admit. I LOVE Fiji water. And Trader Joe's sells 1.5 liters for $ thats not bad at all. With all the juice I drink and smoothies and fruits, thats all the water I need anyways. I just felt bad about going through so many bottles. Its nice to buy a gallon, because it will take 2-3 days to go through it, and its basically the same amount of waste. I wish I could by big 5 gallon bottles of Fiji. Iceland water is also very good. In Hong Kong I would by this 8.9 PH Japanese spring water, and that was amazing, and they still sell Trinity over there too! It probably takes them much longer to sell their stock of it...unlike here where people would be buying cases of it if it was for sale again.

There is that part of me that feels bad about drinking this precious resource of Fiji. Like all these spoiled westerners are literally draining this island of its pure H20. What does everyone think? I only want to put the purest water into my body, but at what cost to the environment? Bottles of water are a big problem, but still really small when you think about other problems that we face.
And NYC rainwater is obviously out of the question. So should I just go for a 1.5 liter of Fiji every day? Poland Spring has a pH of 6.5, Fiji's pH is 7.5.
We are going for alkalinity, so let's do it full on...right?

Green Smoothie of the Day:

1 Peach
1 Cucumber
2-3 Cups of Fresh Spinach or Swiss Chard, or your other favorite green (about one small bunch)

VERY hydrating and cooling. Add an avocado if you desire more creaminess.

Enjoy our complex meals on special occasions and when going out to eat, but try to keep it simple while at home. Learn to love the quick smoothies and easy meals. If youre in the kitchen all the time, make sure youre having fun...



Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to think about water. I've just been drinking generic bottled water (it's fairly local). I was drinking Fiji water last year, but it's pretty expensive (and getting the larger bottles involved a long drive). I didn't realize there was that much of a difference with alkalinity in different waters. Makes me want to test this bottle I've got sitting here...

As far as stealing Fiji's water, I guess you could look at it that way. It's their island, and they should be drinking their own water. I'm not sure what the islanders actually drink... but I'll bet it's not the same stuff in the pretty plastic bottle.

Natasha said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing of the experience. Colonics sound amazing! I'm going to go have one done too! Yay for colonics! Woot. Woot. (Pardon, I'm a dork.)

Jenna Norwood said...

Hi Anthony!

Thank you for your kind words about my film! Glad you appreciated the colonic segment & especially happy to know you had such a positive colonic experience yourself : )

You're doing a great job of sharing beneficial information. Thank you!

Jenna Norwood

Natasha said...

I just wanted to say one more thing. I think it is so cool that you are from a place called Alexandria. Have you ever heard of the Library of Alexandria in what at least was (maybe still is) Alexandria, Egypt? It had ties to the Essenes of Qumran, I'm sure, and the Ancient Egyptians.

Anonymous said...

Talking about water and alkalinity, there are drops that you can buy to put into your water to make it more alkaline, aren't there? What are your thoughts on that? Do you think it is just a "fraud", or a waste of more money?? I love Fuji water, it just tastes better, but it is expensive! But worth it every once in a while. I love your site, I have been trying (for a while now) to switch to an all raw diet, sometimes a little difficult but reading your blogs makes me really want to switch and see the difference. Thanks!

Jenny said...

anthony, your blog is great and updated thoughtfully and frequently (which is fantastic!). . . so glad you're getting shout outs from the welikeitraw crew and such. . .this sexy lifestyle just keeps rolling faster and faster and the crazybeautiful energy being generated is being helped along by people like you- so thanks and keep putting it out there!

Penni in Tulsa said...

I really enjoy your blog.

I just had a colonic yesterday and I pay only $45.00 in Tulsa....WOW. I really do think it is a great way to knock out the cobwebs, and I totally know what you mean about feeling sort of euphoric afterwards. Everyone should have the experience.

Jessica said...

Cheaper and better for you... salt water flushes every day and Blessed Herbs colon cleans

Anonymous said...

Fiji water is not from their natural sources of water in Fiji - although it is water from Fiji, it goes through a cleaning plant. Probably the best thing about Fiji water is the jobs it gives to Fijians working in the cleaning plant.

Anonymous said...

Check out,, you can buy Swiss water bottles and refill to reduce plastic.

Anonymous said...

i know this post is several years old but i wanted to comment anyway... in the end, it's everyone's personal decision what they want to buy/consume, but these are my personal thoughts:

1) as many people mentioned above, the emissions and footprint required to ship bottled water (in fiji's really thick plastic, compared to others like the poland spring design) is insanely high. the cargo shipping overseas is low since its likely by ship, but the flight/trucks to get it from the west coast to east is through the roof. consider getting a filter or buying bigger bottles and pouring into a reuseable bottle.

2) there's actually a pretty serious water crisis in fiji - among the locals. while we pay craploads of money for their bottles, locals have trouble affording clean water. it's a bigger problem than just the fiji company, but it's a good reason to get your bottles elsewhere - give your money to orgs like amnesty international instead (

3) consider getting a water filter (like a pur or a brita) - you might be concerned with alkalinity in tap water, but you need some of that imbalance... artificially alkalized water isn't natural. also, pH levels aren't the only things important in water.

4) some bottled waters are really high in silicates and other grossness from all the treatment the water has to undergo to be safely bottled. on the bright side, tap water (in the us at least) also has fluoride in it for tooth health - not bad!

if you still really want bottled water, there's a norwegien brand that's pretty well purified - "isbre" i think they're called - i met their distributors at an event once and talked at length about water, they won me over.

otherwise, i encourage you to consider your commitment to raw, local, and responsible and drink your local tap water through a filter in a reusable bottle or at least buy bigger bottles of what you like or try more local spring water (like poland, deer park, etc.).. keep in mind aquafina and dasani aren't spring water, they're also purified regular water

good luck!