Friday, July 25, 2008

Raw in the Mega-Cities

"Have I created Suki-land to survive London,
or work, or is this me being me?
-Suki Zoe

An interesting thought from a very interesting woman.

What do you do? You want to be super cleansed,
you want to be in touch with nature in all its beauty,
but the life you have previously set up for yourself, and
your means of earning a living in this world keeps
you tied to the disastrous human experiment
known as industrial civilization?

I find myself becoming more and more cut off.
It goes beyond the food...although now its hard to comprehend
that people still drink soda and eat crazy factory food.
Im so far removed from it...I forget that it even exists still.

But lately the disconnect has gone a bit further.
Not only do I wear my sunglasses and have
headphones on as I walk, but I've actually
resorted to often wearing a respirator to filter out the
toxins found in the air as I walk around. It DOES work, but I have
to say that I am the only one I've ever seen in NY
wearing a mask over my mouth and nose.

"Is he a doctor mommy?"
(I had to laugh when I heard that one)

"That guy is in the WRONG city"
(you have NO idea man...NO idea)

Cutting myself off from the toxicity.
I feel that I make this statement as I walk down the
street wearing the mask over my mouth.
"This air is toxic, and we are all too good to be breathing it...
something VERY wrong is going on here."

I see it (city-living) as a means to an end though.
For most of us, telecommuting (working at home
through the phone or computer) isn't as possible just yet
as we would prefer it to be, so we must live where we work,
which is often a city. If we can earn our money, while
at the same time cutting off most unnecessary spending
so we can use it to move to a more rural setting and set
up a sustainable life there, perhaps all is not lost.

"You REALLY walk around with that thing on your face...
in the DAYTIME?"

My agent asked me this the other day.

"I think you've finally gone off the deep end Anthony."
They always thought I was the crazy one.

Or is it more insane to be in denial about the garbage we are
inhaling every single second of our lives?

We as raw-foodists are more weary about the food we eat,
why not the air we breathe? Is that not the next step?

We need to get back to a rural-tribal setting.
That is how we evolved, and that is where human
relationships are strongest and closest to nature.

(Big thanks to my main man Mueller for this one)

The modern city-state and all its trappings
is the real Disaster. With a capital D.

Think about the facemask. At least no
one will know its you...and it is quite the statement.

Is this going to far? Maybe not far enough?

I read that basil is very cleansing for the lungs.
Just this morning I made a coconut-basil smoothie.

Its basically a green smoothie with just basil, and
the water of a coconut. Add in coconut oil if you want it more
creamy...or even cashews..but with this heat, let's keep it light.

Refreshing and still sweet, and face it...
our lungs need all the help they can get.