Thursday, July 24, 2008

Healthy Hair and Guerilla Gardening

Finlay MacKay for the New York Times

I booked a "hair job" the other day, which was
for a German hair company. This meant that I had
to have my hair temporarily colored to match the product.

What was funny was that when they were coloring it,
the colorist said that my hair was the healthiest he has ever seen.
He said this because my hair wasn't sucking in the color like everyone
else's. When hair is unhealthy, its porous and will draw in the color easily.

So what would be the secret to healthy hair?
I hate to sound repetitive, but really, its the RAW VEGAN DIET.
Lots of greens, especially those containing silica like romaine lettuce.
Silica is really important for hair, skin, and nails.
I get more of it in superfoods with horsetail powder (shavegrass),
okra, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
ALSO...sulfur. Greens that are spicy. Arugula, watercress,
mustard greens are superstars for this. Garlic and peppers
will also deliver sulfur to the system.

And for the shine and thickness?
Raw plant fats like coconut and avocado.
I would suggest adding more of these and
taking away some fruits. Try this and you might be surprised.

Some might say I'm full of it and just have good genes.
One might be able to keep their hairline and color for awhile,
but as far as full-on healthy hair, that was my own doing.

If there were a Hair Olympics, raw foodies would be on the podium.

As I was in the salon waiting for the color to set, I was reading the
New York Times Architectural Issue and came across this GEM.

This is exactly what I needed to read.
The authorities don't know how to handle it.
Is planting flowers vandalism? Haha...

Richard Reynolds is one of the vanguards,
and he is simply planting beautiful flowers AND ideas.
Click Here for more info and his book.

Let us all be creators of beauty in the world.