Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Reminder...

I watched this video on youtube the other day,
and I think it would really speak to many of us.
Its very uplifting, although realistic...

Just read a comment on the previous post about
creating raw communes, and I thought to myself
about young raw people living in large apartments or
houses together and having all the good equipment (kitchen and garden)
to share with each other. How nice that would be.

No crazy factory food would be sitting in the fridge,
and fruit trees and personal sq. foot gardens would
be in the back yard (and hopefully the front).

Just think of the overall efficiency of food
production compared to the current model.
Think about all the energy that is cut out when food
is produced in your own back yard compared to
being grown 3000 miles away or even more.

I can realistically envision that
lots of bikes will be in use much more in the future.
Auto numbers will keep trickling down, and then finally
slump down to a fraction of what it was because of the price of gas.
Its funny how this is all good for the natural world.

If everyone can get planting NOW and especially in relation to fruit trees,
we will be able to live much healthier and active lives despite
any kind of power-down or downshift in the economy.

And why not combine some of the smart technology of now
with the original tribal-communal social model of life?
How much power will laptop computers, ipods, and
mobile phones really need?

Oh wait, we have to power dehydrators and vita-mixers too?

Well, its much less than dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves.
That vita-mix is a powerhouse though...
good thing we dont need it on for a very long time.

We have the resources to live VERY lightly yet comfortably
upon the Earth if we can just do away with a few major things
(meat-dairy based diet, fossil fuel transportation, and heating
large homes with fossil fuels)...we can do this.

Bullet Trains, Bikes, and Buses will take the lead.
The price is simply forcing this to happen.

There should be some good summer sales on fruit
trees by now, and you can start placing online
orders if you cant find what you want locally.
Ask your local tree vendor to see if they can order something
special for you if they don't have it in stock.
They have the connection to get trees.
I'm on the hunt for some vigorous persimmon trees.

By giving up a car for one or two months,
one could save enough money to purchase all
the trees they and their family would ever need.

Young raw people who would love to live
with other raw-friendly people might want to start getting
together and constructing living spaces that will
sustain them indefinitely. Joining forces
can make this MUCH more possible.

I don't think this is too optimistic,
especially considering the potential of young
raw people getting together and constructing
communal and sustainable lives together. Why not?
If anyone could, would it not be them?

If we can't find a raw commune that already exists,
could we not create one with a few friends?

Teamwork and Creativity moves mountains...