Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Avoiding Typhoons in Hong Kong

Its crazy...Monday morning Im planting shrubs and pulling weeds
in rural Minnesota, and Monday night Im on a flight to Hong Kong
to shoot a toothpaste commercial. Savor the dichotomy.
I came into HK during a typhoon and have never experienced
such turbulence. I was just thinking..."Not yet! PLEASE!..
Still so much to do!" The Universe provided though,
and here I am typing at a coffee shop with wet shoes.
Ive been editing videos lately, so for all the youtube viewers,
there will be lots uploaded soon. I'll be back on Saturday night, so
it a pretty quick trip actually.
Oh right! Its Durian season over here too.
I actually fasted for 24 hours after drinking a load of
wheatgrass juice before the flight, and then saved myself
for durian and rambutans. It was SO worth it.
Those Cambodian durians are still the best Ive had yet, but I
have yet to try many others still...hopefully flights wont be
too horribly expensive in the next two years...although Im very
afraid that they will be. If you are paying attention to whats going
on with the economy...the news is NOT good. Travel while you can,
especially you youngsters just getting out of High School and Universtity.
I couldnt be more serious...TRAVEL NOW. always. Im off to find an umbrella.