Friday, June 20, 2008

Raw Pride

When someone asks you about your diet, how do you respond?
With unabashed enthusiasm, or some strange form of shame?

When people used to ask me this, I would say it as if I wasn't proud.
"Yeah...its called Raw probably wouldnt like it too much."

What is that crap? I used to say that??
Even just the if shame is inherently laced in the reply.

Maybe it was a mix of not wanting to discuss it, or just plain
assuming that the inquirer wouldn't dig what I was talking about.

But enthusiasm.

"Yeah! Im raw...its totally great. Ive never felt better in my life.
On all much better. It was a little tough at first
adjusting, but now I could never ever imagine going back.
There is no sacrifice just takes some knowledge and the right attitude."

Funny...just the tone conveys so much emotion.
If our friends and family do ask, its so much better to say it with pride.
Who would be interested if we reply with subtle shame?

Eating Raw is simply different. Its not "weird".
Thats a judgment label like "bad" and "good".
In the heart of the universe, there is only that which is.
Good and bad, like ugly and pretty, are just mental abstractions that humans
feel compelled to use to identify and sort out things so they can make
sense of the world in which they live.

If you are raw, you have to know how "good" it feels.
Why not tell people with a smile and a sparkle in our eyes?
We have so much to be proud of and thankful for.
We've broken through barriers that many people could never
fathom in their wildest dreams. It's simply amazing.

So say it and live it with pride. We are likely the smallest
minority group of human beings on the planet, but we are growing
fast. Soon, a critical mass will be reached...a tipping point...
And at that point, its all raw gravy. Raw Gravy? Hmmmm...

The tipping point will eventually come...

Oh yes...and the recipe for the Key Lime Pie pictured above...
1 hass avocado (i know they vary in size...just aim for a happy average.)
1 tbls of coconut oil
1 tbls of honey or agave (if you like it sweeter, you know that to do)
1 tbls of FRESH lime juice (if you like more lime flavor, you know what to do)
A pinch of sea balance out the sweetness.

Whip all these together in your vita-mix or food processor.

For the crust, I did soaked almonds and dates. 1 part of each.
Make it as thick or thin as you rules.