Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leaving HK now...

Skydiving in front of the green screen for the commercial...
This was probably my favorite commercial to do ever.
We were so high up in the air too...check it out.

SO fun...I get paid for this?

I just gorged on two 10lb durians on the cab ride to the airport...
The taxi driver didnt roll down the window, so Im assuming he's a fan :) .

This was the first time out of the states since late January,
and it really reinstalled my desire for more travel.

I have to urge all of you to PLEASE get out of your home country
and see the world before it becomes far too expensive.
The window is getting smaller and smaller...please, do it soon.

Especially you youngsters out there...despite what your parents
might tell you, college right after high school just might not be the best
option for YOU. If they love college so much, they should go back.
I wish I would have traveled first, THEN..after discovering who
I really was, made the decision to further my education.

College isnt going anywhere, all the while plane tickets are becoming
more and more expensive. I suppose college is getting more expensive
as well, but hey...its your choice.

For me, I feel that I wasted four year and too much money on school.
From what I believe know, I feel that anything you desire to really LEARN,
(not earn a degree, mind you) you can easily teach yourself from books,
people that want to help you, and the internet. Its easier than ever now.
Just a humble opinion from a lousy male model ;)

Ok...enough ranting. At least google "Gap Year" and see what you find.
Take a gap year before going to college...just dont go to school right away,
then...lock yourself in until you retire in your 60's. Free yourself ASAP.

Durian season was in full effect, and I ate about 2 each day.
Lots of mangosteens and rambutans as well, and I discovered
a new variety of lychee that was just monstrous.

One more benefit of raw travel...discovering new foods. Sure, I cant sit
in a restaurant and eat, but that might be a bit over-rated anyhow.

Its nice to sit on a park bench and dig into a durian or pick
apart 10 mangosteens...something so natural about it.

They are calling my seat ive got to be going.
Back in the states in 12 hours...lots of videos to come.