Friday, May 9, 2008

Permaculture Project Day 2 and Going to LA!

"Pardon me sir...may I have permission to express myself freely?"
Ironic, right??

So a quick recap of day 2. This was the day we finally took apart the monster
brush pile. The bigger branches will be chipped for mulch later, while
we burned many of the small stuff and spread the ashes around.

All my buddies got poison ivy, but luckily for me I seem to be immune.
I was out there 11-12 hours a day, so Im sure if they got it, I would have too.
Ive never had poison ivy before, so I doubt being raw has anything to do with it.
It would be really interesting if it did though.

Here is the video from day two.

AND...Dawn found some great tickets to LA this weekend,
so we are doing a 4 day trip to visit her family and try as many
raw restaurants as we can. What is on the list?

We are going to Leaf, Juliano's, Euphoria, 118 Degrees,
AU LAC!!!!, Cru in Silver Lake, and um...Au Lac again? Haha...

There is also Terra Bella Cafe and Good Mood Food...
we'll see if there's enough time for them too.

Id also like to visit Erewhon too...never been there and have heard its great.

I doubt I'll have much access to email over the weekend, so if I dont reply to
emails right away, I will soon afterwards.

Ive been waiting so long to get back to LA...finally tomorrow.
Looks like the weather is going to be less than perfect, but I dont mind.

As for questions about heating the yurt...
I plan to use a wood stove. Some friends have suggested corn,
but I dont want to be reliant on people to have to grow corn so I can stay
warm in the winter. If you have enough property (2 acres is PLENTY)
there will always be enough downed wood to burn throughout the year
without ever having to cut down one live tree.

And the yurt is small enough and shaped perfectly to keep the heat in.
You can opt for really good insulation that will keep you toasty throughout
the entire Minnesota winter. (So I've been told...)

Ah is the link to my Raw Spirit page too...
See you there in September hopefully.

Have a great weekend everyone!
If you get a rebate check in the mail soon...go buy fruit trees!
No better investment for a fruit aficionado.
One year of fruit harvested is likely 4 times the cost of the tree...
so its a solid investment all around. Think about it!
Check your local nurseries first, and then check online. Trust me!



Anonymous said...

Good Mood Food is no longer around. I'm not sure what happened. There is another, from what I can tell, raw restaurant in its place called good to go (or something). I had their raw pizza and it gave me a tummy ache, it was good though. Have fun out here, the weather is turning golden!

Sara said...

Anthony...enjoy your time in LA! We are actually here right now too on our tour, and we're making the raw restaurant rounds. We hit Terra Bella (be sure to try the coconut curry soup...oh my!)...and Euphoria twice. Their Spring Protein Shake is great. Here are a few pics...
We really want to go to Au Lac...everyone keeps recommending it! I'll be doing a full blog on all of our visits soon at

Can't wait to hear your favorites...

Take care,

yardsnacker said...

Yurts kick butt! You can rent them up here in the park system over here in Washington. Dang I'm psyched for your perma culture plans! WTG!

Miin and Niel, Made of Love said...

hey hon! lots of good green vibes to you at this time of creating and building! terrific that everything is falling into place for you in all aspects of your life, because heck you created it as such!
been eating dandelion and some other wild greens here in taiwan, it's been fabulous.
oh yes if you get to au lac please say hi to the crew from tricia, who is good mates with them! she is living in taiwan at the moment. small world :)
have an amazing time meeting your new love's family and drinking in the LA sun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony, I've been reading your blog for a while now, and watching your vids over at youtube. I actually just watched the one about using leaves for mulch and wanted to comment, but I couldn't get it to work at youtube. So I figured I would comment over here. On my land I also use leaves as a mulch/compost material. Look up Leaf Mould. I think you will like the idea, especially if you have a lot of mature trees on your property. It's like composting, only with leaves. Good thoughts to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony...

Totally off the subject, but I picked up a copy of the latest "Vanity Fair" (#574 w/ RFK on the cover) & came across a man in the "Perry Ellis" cologne ad that bore a strong resemblance to you! Is it you? :o)

And BTW: Really enjoy your blog & reading/watching you attain your dream of sustainable living...:o)
Have you seen this website?

Amazing & inspiring family! Check them out...You'll be inspired, I promise! :o)

Peace, Love & Joy...G

Audrey Dundee Hannah said...

Don't forget Rawvolution in Santa Monica!

Anonymous said...

Hey T Bone. Its the 28th. I just got that text, sorry. Z

Bella Beach Babe said...

Great blog. I am a fruitarian and live at the beach. We live on about an acre and grow a lot of our own food, veggies, fruit etc... You will have an amazing time doing it. We are about to start our tree house this weekend. We won't be living in it full time but it is gonna be a great place to kick back and hang out in nature. Have fun with your adventures.

Anonymous said...

I love Cru. Their pizza duo is great, mostly for the sun dried tomato half. Amazing brownie a la mode, too.
I don't have the privilege of getting a rebate check, but I did recently buy some fruit trees. Turning the side of the yard into a garden and I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw you the other day draped over a boat in a Macy's ad.
It was a Men's Health mag that I flipped through at the bookstore, while checking out an article on expats in New Zealand. I was like, whoa, that's Anthony. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you plan on living year round at your permaculture site? Wouldn't you miss all those wonderful raw restaurants and fellow raw foodists outside your door. city vs. do you decide?

This reminds me of The Good Life, by the Nearings. They were truly pioneers of their time. Scott lived to be 100 and their legacy is continued at their second homesite in Maine. Their first homestead was in Vermont, the setting of their book and where they moved during the Great Depression. They believed in self reliance, hard work, and stewarship of land and people, all before this was "eco" or "green". I would recommned this as a classic to anyone interested.

there are many names and many ways. moral of the story, Just do it:)