Thursday, May 8, 2008

Permaculture Project Day One

(my black sapote seeds doing their thing...3 weeks after planting)

Im really making it a point to record the whole project
in order to show everyone how accessible and beneficial
it is to do something like this. Especially young people.

If we can do something like this, or at least start saving for it now,
we can be free from the energy-food matrix within 5 years.
Of course it depends on your life situation and how nice you want
your eco-paradise to be (a yurt is much cheaper than a standard "green" home).

Nevertheless...its an investment towards freedom, REAL freedom.

Here is the video from day one. Big thanks to everyone who had shown
their support and love in the comments section.

I'll be sure to answer questions throughout the next few weeks...never fear.

Gotta love the different angles...Im getting better at my editing skills.
I just finished a great book on permaculture called "Gaia's Garden"
and it has really helped me immensely. I would highly recommend checking
it out on Thanks again everyone...LOTS of videos to come.



Ben said...

Hey anthony, congrats on making your dream a reality! I have a question for you, how do you heat your yurt during the winter? Also are you designing this so you can live in it year round or as a place to just enjoy during warm weather when most fruits are abundant, or generously designing it in a way where you get food year round? Congrats again, you are truly an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

bloody love it. midwestern niceties. reminds me of the guys back home in michigan, driving up to the small lake where we used to run loose as teenagers - in their pickup with a chainsaw. revving it up, this guy says "come'on b*@!ch! gota call her by her right name!" (yes, to the chainsaw) "we building ourselves a white man's fire!" ok. your project is nothing in the realm of that day, nevertheless, the clipping away gig strikes me as probably the most fun i could imagine right now. and is the root of where we come from and where you (and we all) are striving back towards. soil love, brother. keep creating reality - many thoughts for gracious growth!

Anonymous said...

It's a late spring. Your estimation of when you want to start has nothing to do with it,(treating the soil).
Nothing is happening at less than 50 degrees. Same for fruit trees. Don't plant till it's warm.
All the large tree branches should have been used to make a greenhouse maze, covered in a sheet or two of poly to commence garden plants in,(this year).

Kristen's Raw said...

I'm so glad you're documenting this.

katy said...

Just feel so very happy for you & enormous gratitude to you for sharing it with us..
Your parents (& Molly!) look so lovely - they must be so proud & happy too...
wishing you the very best of luck with it all & much happiness

Unknown said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying the project Anthony!
Its got my own excitement peaked, and I'm really looking forward to getting more planning for our own project.
One quick question, dont know if its come up yet, the canvas/fabric for the yurts...the toughest has a 15 year warrentee on it, do you know what its life span is like. I guess I'm just asking if you're going to have to replace it every couple of decades?

CONGRATS BUD! Peace and blessings for you and your message!
Cheers man,

Anonymous said...

Hey Z, I am infected with the ivy pretty bad. I am glad you are too because misery loves company. Stu had to drop me off the calidril clear.....the ivy in his eyes is getting Hey Tboz, we went and picked up some chicken manure yesterday and spread it accross our garden spot. Then we had a guy come in and till it with some utility tractor. It looks so great! Got the rhubarb replanted and we also found a bunch of wild strawberry plants and transplanted them as well. TTYS.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Anthony. Beautiful. This project is amazing! It seems to have taken on a life all it's own, and it inspires! Thank you from the bottom of my Heart of Hearts. What you are doing is beyond noble. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Watching you document your dreams come true, is a wonderful blessing.

Colleen Miller said...

Hi Anthony~
I read your post on we like it raw about beauty care and loved it. I actually for my business make homemade beauty products and myself use mostly coconut oil too. I was wondering what do you do when you are on a shoot and the beautician wants to use chemicals on your hair? I have this problem when I get my hair cut. I sometimes bring my own products for them to use, and never let them put in hairspray or gel. That always leaves them suprised that I refuse it. Anyways, how do you deal with this? Thanks!!!
Colleen (aka Rawleen)