Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LA Recap pt 1

Ok...first off...I'm honestly really glad to be back in NYC.

Dont get me wrong...LA is good...but Im starting to notice a few flaws.

The big thing is simply the car-centered lifestyle.
You really have to plan ahead when you want to go somewhere or meet
with some friends. You have to give yourself extra time in case traffic slows
up, and you are always looking for a place to park or paying $$ to park the
stinking car. I've just become a little spoiled with NYC because I havent
had to even think about car issues for years really.
All the time...a non-issue over here.

That being said though, I feel that its still great over in LA.
Everywhere you go, you see fruit trees.

A massive lemon tree we spotted on our morning walk.

Tons of grapefruits...not getting any love.

When Dawn and I were driving up to our friend's place in Silver Lake,
I started noticing Loquat trees in the yards. I was going a little crazy.
I dont know how to compare it. You see it, you WANT it, and you
figure that the people that HAVE it, dont even care about it.
Thats what really gets me.
Their yards have lemon, loquat, and fig trees and they dont give it a second thought.
The squirrels and the birds sure enjoy the benefits however. we arrived to our friends place and she was showing us
her backyard, I look down from the window and what do I see?
5 Loquat Trees, FLOWING with fruit. Oh lord....

So while Dawn caught up with her friend, I got primal and started
climbing loquat trees. What a wonderful bonus! I would have flown
to Los Angeles just for that, I'm not even kidding.

(Me totally geeking out over fruits that people take
for granted in LA every all the time. How funny...)

I dont know if its ancient instinct or what,
but I am just so happy when Im picking fruit.

The amount of Loquats I ate in the past four days was worth
the price of my ticket alone. Jenny from Wylde and Raw
was talking about Loquat trees up in San Francisco and I was
telling her a week ago - "Enjoy those Loquats for me!"
Little did I know...never forget, the universe provides. :)

We went out to Cru that night, and I was totally blown away
by the chocolate fudge cake (PHENOMENAL) and the entrees as well.

(Ravioli Cruda...Dawn's favorite by far)

I love seeing elegant Raw restaurants. Its so important to get the vibe out
to the mainstreamers. I'm not against crunchy places myself, but
if we are going to get our friends and relatives to at least try this food,
we have to present it with a little style. Big ups to Cru in Silver Lake.

(Both Bruschettas...equally wonderful. They really know the flavor combos there)

(The Walnut Chorizo Sausage...SPICY)

(The Pizza the idea of having both flavors with one order)

The Desserts...Chocolate Fudge Cake, White Cacao Cheesecake, and Fudge Brownie.
Can you guess that we love Cacao???

Their coconut kefir is astounding too. Much love.

We did also go to Leaf for lunch earlier in the day,
and that place is great too. I did the mushroom-coconut sandwich
and dawn had a wrap. I liked both alot. Its a great place to go
for lunch, and the prices are really fair. Its great to see
a nice clean and BRIGHT place to go, and have good quality food fast.

LA has a great number of raw spots...too bad you have to drive everywhere
to visit each one. If we can figure out a way to live in LA car-free and still
be able earn a living, I think that would be the key.

There is the fantastic-plastic scene of course, but we can always
try to avoid it as much as we can. People are really into material stuff out there
as well, but thats their thing. If someone is going to judge me because of my
car or my clothes, they are telling me that they arent worthy of my friendship.
Simple as that. Usually the people that drive the worst cars are the most
interesting people to spend time with. Think about it.

The next day...the Hollywood Farmer's Market (WOW) and...AU LAC.

Day 2 is next....


Anonymous said...

As far as I can remember I have not been to LA. But if you haven't already done so you have got to visit San Fransisco. It is by far the most beautiful city in the country. It's really America's gem. I rememeber living in the San Fransisco bay area and absolutely loving it. I went to a birthday party and in my cousin's neighbor's lemons, limes and other citrus would fall off the tree right into my cousin's backyard. We all enjoyed the fresh fruit. I have had apples, prunes, lemons and all kinds of fruit in California. It's amazing because when you go to the grocery store the prices are great and they are willing to go to the back and give you the freshest. It's not like that in Virginia. Californians are so incredibly lucky especially San Fransiscians. Oh yeah by the way if you go to china town San Fransisco you can bargain with the merchants. My mom got some good deals on kitchen supplies a while back. - Rebeka- those are beautiful photos it looks like heaven

Anonymous said...

gah! the food looks so scrumptious! and, all that fruit just waiting to be picked!
though, having apple and peach trees, as a kid, dad paid us a $1 a BUSHEL (man, we thought we were RAKING it in. heh)to help pick the apples. It is incredible to think you do not really need alot of trees to get so much great fruit. ^____^
have to say, the people living with those lush fruit trees could need some motivation to pick them ($$). heh-heh. ^__~

Anonymous said...

What a fun article to read. I've been meaning to visit some of the raw restaurants in LA, but a little difficult with friends that have no interest nor even the umph to try. Thanks for giving me a little taste through your eyes. Sometimes I just want to grab the food through this computer! Why do you torture us this way? WHY???!!!


Anonymous said...

Anthony, I must say that the picture of you with the loquats is better than any of your modeling photos! You definitely look your finest when you have a big happy smile on your face!

Down 40 lbs....

:-) Anna

yardsnacker said...

rofl abt you and the loquat trees!! Man it's amazing those trees are just sitting there! Looks like a great time! :D

Unknown said...

We had a Kumquat tree in our front yard growing up and I'd climb up into the middle of it like a monkey and eat all the fruit. I'd sit up the for hours. My block was full of tangerines, lemons and oranges. I used to pick the neighbors fruit and sell it back to them for 1$! I was such the little businesswoman. Was great to see you A! Careful on the generalities my friend as you know what kind I drive! The one thing about LA is looks are always deceiving.


Anonymous said...

Ok-I have lived in L.A. (formally Ohio)for 30 years and I know the car thing...but we also have Metro and if you get the hang of that, you can go all over L.A. without a car...another time. So, let me tell you.... sunshine all the time. We grow mango, kiwi, banana, citrus, strawberries (I could go on and on) and we have a selection like no place else all year around. Did I forget the pecans and fresh in shell macadamia nuts???....and don't get me started about the non pasturized almond growers that supply me with my supply. So, if you want variety, privacy (in L.A. you can be whoever, whatever you want to be) just find your group or place. I live about 1 mile from all the major studios in Hollywood and I never run into the "it" crowd. Maybe shopping at Whole Foods, but hey, they have to eat too! I have an old car and don't wear fancy clothes, hang out with multi millionaires that live a normal lifesyle like you and I. Really, no kidding. So, for being raw, I have such a selection of anything and everything. As far as the fruit trees, we know that they are there, the only problem is that our supply is so much and so many of us have them, that we have to let it go back into the earth due to the abundant supply. It isn't wasted, it is the circle of life.

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe those cakes are raw!! They look so freakin' tasty!!! Yummers!

Disa said...

I agree with Bueller. Careful there. Yeah, that is the LA stereotype and I see it often, but I like to give more attention to the people that are breaking away from that in LA. Like myself-on my way to becoming car free! I figured out how to take the bus to Au Lac, I'm set right? I actually got lots of inspiration from reading your blog and am sure lots of other LA peeps do too. :)

Anonymous said...

The loquats are done here in Florida. :( But when they were in season, I was juicefeasting and made a quart of little plum juice. OMG it was like pure thick nectar of the gods. Glad you're not shy about grabbin' that fruit!! :)

Michelle said...

Nice post Anthony! Glad to see your back in NYC! We must meet up soon OK? You took me to my first raw restaurant, i won't forget that! :O)

Anonymous said...

YUM!!!! I need to get out to LA. I went last year around this time to visit friends, but going to the raw restaurants is the perfect reason. Thanks for the pics and your take on everything.

I'm going to show my mom your pics to see how great raw dishes are!

stephanie said...

Hey there!!
i am living out here in LA (silverlake actually, right where you guys were hangin), just since the winter, and finally had to break down and get myself a car.....but the best part is its an old baby blue mercedes with lots of great character and I'm running it on BIODIESEL!! wooooppeee!! so we def have options....and I totally take wonderful advantage of all the fruit bearing trees! totally wonderful right? I'm always up in the lemon

prunus insititia said...

Speaking of wild yard fruits, I have seen these weird short shrub/bush fruits in my yard and can't figure out what they are. I doubt they are edible, but I just want to know what they are! I cannot find anything on them. It looks like if a goosberry bred with a wild kiwi. bleh curiousity tortures me. I have a few local edibles books, but they don't mention it in either or the edible section. Maybe I'm missing it. anyway your post got me more curious about them. I must continue the search!

p.s. Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Au Lac! Au my god! Truly unique food. You almost think it's a little cooked. I find that all the other raw food places have pretty much the same basic approach, but Ito's food is very unique.

I grew up in L.A. and I really miss going to my grandma's to pick oranges. The best oranges in the world. Pomegranates too. And persimmons.

The last time I was back home I found bottled lemon juice which my sister bought at the store....and we have a lemon tree in our backyard! Unbelievable!