Friday, February 19, 2010

Organic Handmade Cacao Fudge

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What has turned into a hobby and a way to spread some
extra joy into the lives of my loved ones has grown into
a full-on venture with so much potential.

There is a saying..."do what you love and the money will follow".
We make them with so much TLC...deeply acknowledging the
fact that someone is trusting us by actually putting that
delicious treat into their body, their temple.
Something to really take seriously when you stop and think about it.
Its a shame to think that many ignore that fact for more money.

Somehow because of this everything is falling into place.

When I would give them to friends and family,
even I was surprised at their addictive nature.
People that didnt even like chocolate were enjoying them.

I had a few key revelations during this period...

1. Truffles are way better and received much more warmly
by friends and family than solid chunks of dark chocolate.

2. I realized that I had locked myself into a vegan mentality
when it came to chocolate. Coconut oil, cacao butter...
I have since branched out and we are using organic grass-fed butter
for many of our customers...this is a superstar and about 99.99%
of the population enjoys it and appreciates it.
Don't lock thyself into the raw vegan mentality!
Most people like real butter and it supports sustainable
animal husbandry instead of factory farms.

3. By using dates for my fudgy interior, Ive done away
with the need for any outside sweeteners.
When I would make the solid chocolate,
I was amazed and depressed to see how much sweetener
was needed to make the solid chocolate palatable to most people.
The dates really do away with this entirely,
and they are so unprocessed...we really love them.

4. often more.
I look at the label of some major chocolate treats
and am shocked at the massive amounts of ingredients.
I think to myself...why all the hassle?
We keep it so simple now.
Maybe 5 ingredients? 6 or 7 for spices?
Why complicate things? Really?
For shelf stability? To save money?

5. Making it fresh is the way to go.
We found that if we can make a batch when someone requests
it, we can deliver a product that was made BY US
within 1-2 days of the order. The internet has
removed all barriers to clean, delicious, organic chocolate.

6. Seeing these truffles more as a food instead of a dessert.
I eat 2 or 3 of these and it is a MEAL. I am satisfied for many hours.
Chocolate as a food hasnt caught on yet, but Ive found it to really
work for me and others. Its more than the chocolate. Its the good
fats, some high-integrity sugars, superfoods, and spices.
Everything in one fudgy little yummy truffle.

We've also been doing events as well.
Weddings, charity Functions, birthdays...its all good.
The people at Crate and Barrel contacted me about being
a vendor for their wedding show in October!
So the possibilities are out there. We've made 500
at a time, so the limits are pretty non-existent.

You can mix and match with different versions as well -
email us to see whats available!