Friday, February 19, 2010

Conscious Eaters Unite

One thing that always bummed me out about the raw food scene was all the infighting.
People that are into superfoods, people that are into fruits, people into high fat...
Simple little nuances that allow us to imagine more easily that we are separate.
ISMS...divide us. Vegetarianism...Communism...Capitalism...Terrorism.
These damn labels trick us into thinking that we arent brothers and sisters.

Cant we just settle on the fact that we want food without chemicals and GMOs?
Or that we want foods not made in factories by strangers?

There are just SO many similarities, and it seems to be a pretty
common human trait to focus on lame differences.

From what I learned in the past year by branching out from being a vegan,
I realized that I really didnt know nearly as much as I thought.
And I carry this with me now. A strong sense of humility does a human good.

I just saw a great video on sustainable meat production
from the good folks at TheFoodForest on youtube.
The arguments that meat is bad for the environment is a sad generalization,
and we owe it to ourselves as conscious eaters to be informed
on what works and what CAN work if its done properly.

Oh...what did I just make for breakfast?
In the vitamix...I blended -
2 eggs
1/2 cup of cream
1/4 cup of sunwarrior vanilla protein
1 vanilla bean
8 drops of vanilla cream stevia *loving that vanilla*
Some shilajit from
Um...some bee pollen and cinnamon,
AND a little hawaiian sea salt.
Oh! And I put a really ripe organic banana in there!

So this was really good...try it for sure.
I liked adding in the spices, and Im adding nutmeg in tomorrow.

Ok enough about that...check out the vids if you have time.