Friday, August 8, 2008

More Mobility...

Things are better now with the ankle. Walking around fine.
I made some beds for raspberries and bought some more
compost and sheep manure.

I had some indoor time finally though,
and way too much of it was spent on youtube.

Here are a few of what I watched:

This is from the Alex Jones Show.
He really tells it like it is, and is really
entertaining to watch. He really gets into it.

Do some research about the issues he brings up.
Google it, youtube it, whatever it takes.


This video EXACTLY explains how I feel about growing food.
This is a huge reason why I am trying to spread the word about this
project. This could be a truly possible path to freedom.

I really get a kick out of these food vids.
JohnnyRawAppleseed brings some ideas to all.
They move fast...have a pen in hand.

Ok...summer is here. Lets be outside as much as we can.
The cold weather months will be computer time...I promise.