Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Holed Up in Minnesota

This is a great little vid about a great little house.

And here is some more philosophy behind this movement.
(did you know that NYC people use 1/5 to 1/8 the amount of
power of the average American? 1/8th?? Go green...move to NYC.

Now to the post...

I totally messed my ankle up while working yesterday.
I stepped right into a 5 foot hole what was recently
dug out for the concrete footings for the deck.
I was looking at this sunflower as I was walking towards
the deck site and VERY quickly, I just went down.
My left foot went right down the (1ft Diameter) hole
and my right leg (which stayed above ground) got all twisted
and I scraped my knee. I honestly heard a little "pop" when I fell,
but I hear that also when I stretch. No big deal when
I stretch. Some little noise coming from my hip.
Go figure, right?

The funny thing is that falling didnt really handicap me until
5 hours after. I was slowly getting more sore and stiff
as the day went on. I took a break for lunch and while
eating my watermelon, I felt it get really stiff from not moving
for about 20 minutes or so. That did me in.

I was then limping back up to the work site,
and just helped shovel concrete for a bit, no walking.
But by the end of it I needed help walking home.

By the time evening came, it was REALLY stiff, but not
really swollen. I had to crawl around. In my parent's
house crawling around at 27. Who has Peter Pan syndrome here?

Its better already this morning, but
I'll be unable to work for a couple of days I think.

Its a good thing I hired someone to build the deck.
Progress continues. It was such a huge job yesterday.
Hauling concrete by wheelbarrow and then filling up 25
of those holes. We were trying to get some friends to help,
but everyone is usually busy during the daytime.
It was my dad, Bryce (the 55 yr old contractor I hired to build the deck),
and myself. My dad, always with the sense of humor says:
" we just have 2 old guys and a cripple."

Oh man...too funny.

So I spent last night watching some youtube clips,
and went to bed early.

Today is better.

Hmmm...lets do a recipe.

Simple as always.

It's berry season, right?
But you still want to get some healthy coconut oil into your system.
The beauty of coconut oil is the freezing point, so you can
basically make a frosting that will chip away.

Wasnt there something like that years ago
but with chemicals and they would pour it on ice cream?
Magic Dip or Chip or something like that?

We are putting coconut oil into the blender
or food processor. If you are making enough, the
blender is good for this. Add agave or honey (agave works best)
to the desired taste. Start with a little...add it in...and check.
Remember to turn off the machine before checking.

Add in some specks of sea salt for that sweet-salty combo
and you're all set. Pour this mixture on your favorite berries.
Pour it on your favorite anything really...its that great.
Throw it in the freezer and do some clean up.

In about 30 min you should be all set.
Berries and Cream!

Easy, right? But really decadent and fun.

-Anthony (who needs to get outside ASAP)