Sunday, July 20, 2008

Heading up to Boston

Everyone should check out these two companies:

BoltBus and Megabus...both really great.
We are taking BoltBus right now and it even has wifi, SO nice.
A round trip to Boston was $35 and so far its been really easy.
A good way to get around without a car.

Excited to try Grezzo tonight too, the pics look
really good and its always great to try a new place.
Hopefully we can take some good shots of the food for everyone.

A big thanks to everyone sending good energy!

Stay cool and drink lots of water.
I've been drinking about 32oz of watermelon rind juice everyday
this week and it feels GREAT. Whole Foods is selling
organic (seedless...aargh...) watermelons for $7, and
the one I got yesterday was the math. 35 cents
a pound for organic watermelon? I'm a huge fan of the seeded ones,
but its been really hard to find them lately. Gotta make due...