Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Good Question from Emily...

If you're flying on Southwest or Delta anytime soon,
check the back of their in-flight magazines...
Maybe it won't be defaced like this one...
big thanks to Alexandra of Blackbird Organics and
her boyfriend Rob for his artistic touch.

This one is from Ingrid in California, in case the
one above was too altered to recognize ;0)

(note...this post is a long one...just so you know)

Here's a question that was sent to me the other day...

Hey Anthony,

This is Emily, the one from Orlando who e-mailed you a few months back to ask...
well, a lot of things I guess. How have you been? I see that things
are really starting to happen up in Minnesota. I'm so excited for you!
It makes me so happy to hear about the progress you've made.
Anyway, the reason that I'm writing to you again is actually to
ask a few questions about your modeling career. I know that you
began your career before raw foods came into your life.
If you had to do it all over again, knowing the things you know now,
do you think you would still model? I remember you posting on your
blog at some point that if you had a more typical job, you wouldn't
have nearly the time and financial means to pursue the goals that really
matter to you, which I think is a darn good point. And, of course, beyond
that, what typical job would be entirely, I don't know, "guilt-free", I suppose?
Do you think that that would still be enough of a justification for you,
if you were to travel back in time 6 or 7 years with your current mindset?
Please don't think I'm asking these questions in a harsh, judgmental way.
After all, I'm currently working at Panera Bread, primarily to make a little
extra money for food, which is definitely not something I'm particularly proud of.
If you're guilty of any kind of raw sin, then I'm right there with you.
Just curious what your thoughts are on this...


Great question...never really thought about the "going back in time" option.
To be totally honest, I wouldn't change a thing. Everything has worked out
EXACTLY the way it was supposed to. If I didnt get into modeling, this blog
would never exist, and even if I was raw and did a blog, no one would even
care. I read a lot of blogs out there, and unless there is an angle
(spectacular weight loss, destroying cancer, amazing recipes)
usually people just don't care to read it, and therefore aren't inspired by it.

Besides that whole issue...I have to look back at what modeling has given me.
I learned so much about the world, and truly became a world citizen
because of it. I immeadiately had roommates from all over
the world...learned new languages, and saw America through different
eyes than I ever had while living in Minnesota or Phoenix.

And remember, for the first two years of modeling, I averaged
about $6000 a year in income, and I already had a college degree.
I could have easily entered the corporate world and made serious
money, and therefore could have financed my travels and permaculture
project much quicker. But to me...its was all about...
I didnt want to be a corporate soldier. I wanted to live
in Europe and read books and meet people. I didn't care
about the money...I was choosing the life experience instead.
It was only after I moved to NY and went raw that I started to make
some money...and not even that much. Maybe my third year I made $25k.
Not very glamourous, right?
Because of this tight income, I actually dove head first (literally)
into freeganism. I did this for a very long time, even as my Target billboard
in Times Square was lit up.

There I was in Times Square (a fictional idea of me)
and there I REALLY was in the East Village pulling organic greens out of a trash bag.
Bet you didnt know that about

(back in 2005...good times...)

Modeling gave me the free time to discover who I really was,
and what the hell I really wanted out of life. Before that, I was on the
the school-work treadmill that never gave me even a second to
wonder about who I was and where I wanted to be and what I really wanted
out of life this time around. That's the big picture...keep everyone
so busy and so distracted that they don't have even a chance to finally
hear that inner voice that so desperately needs to be heard.

This is what modeling gave me. Peace. Sure...I could have partied
every night and wasted my time, but I chose instead to read, exercise,
and improve myself. Otherwise I would have been stuck in the office all day,
and then upon coming home would have turned on the tv and vegged out
because I'd be totally mentally exhausted.

People can point their fingers at me and accuse me of being a part
of the problem because I am literally the face of some advertisements.
All I can say is that I am turning what some would label as "bad" into good
by taking my earnings and putting it towards the spreading of sustainable
ideas and ways to live a life of personal and physical freedom.
Other guys I know would spend it on going to clubs, cars, and clothes.

Guilt is the most wasteful human emotion EVER.
Who cares if someone works at Panera Bread?
I'm so sick of people judging others.
If you cannot participate in "right livelihood" right now,
just do what you can until you get there.

Although...if you are involved these (this list is from wikipedia)

Business in Weapons:

Trading in all weapons and instruments used for killing
Business in Humans:
Slave Trading and the selling of human beings
Business in Meat:
"Meat" refers to the bodies of beings after they are killed,
and raising animals for slaughter
Business in Intoxicants:
Manufacturing or Selling intoxicating drinks or drugs
Business in Poison:
All products that are toxic and designed to kill life.

you have some serious soul-searching to do.

We all have the right to do what we love, and even earn money
because of it. I don't love modeling per se (although I love the freedom it gives me),
but I love writing and gardening so I feel pretty good.

I would LOVE to give it all up and become a full-time traveler
while I'm not gardening in MN, but earning more money can give more
options in life. I don't love having to stay in NY most of the time,
but that's just the way it goes...all in good time we will leave the city.

I speak out against materialism because I know
how empty a hole it is, and how bad it is for the environment.
Anyone that wants to call me a hypocrite...
well, they can go and live their judgment-filled lives.

As long as they get the message from somewhere,
that is really all that matters.
I'm just a signpost...and because I'm a model, people pay more attention.

I feel that this is why I was meant to become what I am.
The path is perfect for us all, whether we get there in this life
or in 100 more...the path is perfect.

Thanks for the question.