Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wheatgrass 411

My airplane companions...a massive bag of
wheatgrass to chew on, and my little sapote seeds.
(I got them through security w/o the x-ray too...)

If you dont have a wheatgrass juicer, consider just chewing
on little bits at a time until your teeth have juiced out every last bit
of chlorophyll and then just spit out the super-dry pulp. This will give
your jaw the workout it is missing out on when we are drinking
smoothies all the time. We NEED to work our jaw muscles.
Word to the wise though...BRING FLOSS. Grass will very likely get
stuck in your molars. It is like natural floss, but you will need some man-made
stuff to get out all the leftovers.

I felt sorry for the two people next to me on the plane...
#1...the smell might have turned their stomachs, for some reason grass
doesnt jive with many people. Too fresh and veggie smelling I guess.
And #2...they probably thought that they were placed next to some
crazy person who thought he was a cow chewing on grass the whole time.

If they only knew how good it was for them. Same with wild foraging.
People stare and stare, but we know the truth, and its like a
magical deflector of all self-doubt. Those cooked opinions just whiz
right on past you...no second glances.

After I got to Minnesota, I did start juicing.

This cup was 16 sweet ounces of the smoothest wheatgrass juice Ive ever had.
I cant believe I drank it all in one swoop, but my mom had a ton ready for
me and I had to make due. 16 ounces! No real digestive issues with it either...
maybe a little rumble about an hour later, but thats it.

Here's the skinny on the seawater solution.
They harvest the water 20 miles off of the eastern coast of Florida.
That is way past any toxins, although the ocean is pretty clean.
They have it all tested, and everything checks out toxin free.

I add 3/4 of a tablespoon to one gallon of water, and then spray that
onto my grass, twice a day, for about 5 or 6 days. Dont put them in DIRECT
sunlight...INDIRECT sunlight is the key. They love it.

Check www.growgreens.com for more info. One gallon will last a long time.
I'll be making a video of this very soon to show everyone the nitty-gritty.
With this, I feel that we might not ever have to worry about buying
greens again. I love a good massaged kale salad more than anyone,
but now it could just be optional. Its all about the minerals!

And plus...the FRESHEST food possible. I actually felt bad harvesting the grass,
because I felt a pretty strong connection to that first crop.
I suppose when you start worrying about the feelings of plants,
you've likely come a pretty long way.

No more soil for wheatgrass...seriously, you dont need it.
Lay down a paper towel, then spread the seeds that you soaked
for 12 hours onto the towel. One nice layer will do. Mist it down,
and cover it up with another tray on top, or moist newspaper.
After two days, you should be able to take the covers off and let them breathe.
Then just keep misting it down.

Hope this helps...glad everyone is digging the site too.
Dawn, Dhru and Rajiv are the ones to credit.
I added the photos and the text, but the design and details were all them.

Be sure to check out the permaculture info too! Im going to be speaking about
my project at Raw Spirit Fest this September as well.

Peace everyone...keep it juicy.



Anonymous said...

You're so inspiring Anthony the way you are so unashamed of your lifestyle. I love it! The wheatgrass looked great as well! Could you use tea towels or cheesecloth instead of paper towels? I kinda have a mental block against using paper towels. Something about how they are super absorbent seems fishy to me. Just let me know. Keep it up with all the greens!

Anonymous said...

hey anthony

did you put some sort of mesh on top of your seeds? it looked like there was something like that in the pics from your last wheatgrass post. and i was wondering what that was.

i've been having a lot of success with the thalassa mix. i've literally been getting TWICE as much juice. but i think i was using 1 1/2 tablespoons per gallon.



Anna Alexopoulos said...

Good for you for not caring what the people on the plane or anyone thought! Their loss anyway...who knows maybe you inspired some people!

Better to have people in this world standing up for what they believe in and not allowing anyone else's thoughts to get in the way.

Was wondering when we might see the sapote again...your baby is so cute:)
I imagine it is like watching a child grow, anticipating their growth...

Anonymous said...

I knew that was you in the ad! I was in my car in the city (NY) looking around at ads and saw that target one, and I was wondering if it was you or not... And I was at a JBeane store somewhere in Boston & saw an ad of you too. I was telling my mother that the dude in the ad was my raw role model, and she thought I was crazy. Lol.

Anonymous said...

i've read your advice about not eating late at night.. but i'm wondering; how do you do it!?

i can't even say that i'm starving very late, but i do get hungry. I think part of it is a mind hungry though.

I keep myself occupied, and entertained. Drinking herbal tea helps satisfy me sometimes.. but do you have any other tips or tricks?

Anthony said...

I do a layer of 7th Generation BROWN paper towels first...spray it down, then add the seeds. These paper towels are super eco-friendly, and will hold some extra moisture when the little seeds need it early on. This tip alone can save your crop.

About eating late...a large green juice or smoothie will take all of my cravings away. Then its just a matter of having lots of liquids. When the mind is ready for it, it will happen. Until then, just go with the flow...

Same with cravings...if you are still having cravings, your true self hasnt let that love affair with pizza or ice cream or cheese drift away yet...maybe you need to satisfy yourself just a little bit, then get on with it. Trying to heal yourself with denial will only bring spite and resentment towards where you want to be. Make it FUN.


Anonymous said...

I agree, the sapote is probably one of the most beautiful living things I have ever laid eyes upon...so aesthetically pleasing!

Lauren said...

I like the smell of wheat grass, kind of sweet, grassy..haha! I am so glad I found this blog, you are really helpful, and your posts are so interesting!

Unknown said...


another great post! love the new updates on your site, too.

by the way - wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog about the pictures that were stolen and put on that diet pill website. Thankfully with everyones help they finally took them down. Still wish there were a way to make them pay though, it seems so wrong that they could get away with that. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for trying to help me out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Tboz,

Stu and I are going to be leaving Saturday morning on our bike tour to his cabin. We are leaving at around 8am. Since you are going to be coming back on Thursday instead of Sat or Sun, you are coming with right? I have a bike for you to use. Should be alot of fun and you wont want to miss out. We could do some foraging on the way there too! I am penciling you in so no way out. Get back to me to confirm.

Jill said...

Thanks for answering my question about the sea water, Anthony. I'm ordering some today and trying it with my wheatgrass and sprouts. I'm having such severe mold problems lately since the weather's gotten so hot and humid down here in Florida. Hopefully this will put an end to it!
I'll let you know what happens.

Anonymous said...


i'm just dense. but i don't get it.

are you putting the paper towels under the seeds or on top. because in the other picture it looked like there was something between the seed layer and the green part.

what is that?

Anthony said...

Paper towels on the BOTTOM. The roots shoot through the paper and form the root mass underneath. It wouldnt hurt to put a layer on top, but its not needed if you spray them twice a day.

Use brown paper towels too...


katy said...

So much helpful info, thank you.. & the Sapote is adorable !
I heard a programme on the radio (BBC radio 4 'The material world' thursday 12th june) they were talking about the plants on the Kamchatka peninsula in the far east of Russia, its one of the few existing terrains on earth not affected by man.. there are active volcanoes there & apparently the plants growing there are so nourished by the nutrients in the volcano ash that a herb for example that usually grows only a few centimetres high in other parts of the world will grow up to 8 metres tall there ! it really does show what the right nutrients can do !

katy said...

actually that should have read 'feet' not 'meters' !
its still pretty impressive though : ) !

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony !
I've been reading your blog and I think it's amazing what you are doing, you are really a great inspiration for everyone out there.

I'm in the Minnesota area as well and really like it here. Have you been to Ecopolitan yet ? it's a great restaurant. I'm not completely raw yet but I'm vegan and really striving to do all raw. Anyways, if you want to meet up with some people in the area you can drop me a line natalia.mc4@gmail.com