Monday, June 16, 2008

Patience is a Virtue...

Well..I hope it was worth the wait.

My internet connection in Minnesota leaves something to be desired.
I would sit down in the morning sometimes and start to upload
pics, but I would get timed out and then would just go outside and
start gardening. I cant even begin to describe how good it feels to be
away from a computer screen for a whole week. I know that we are all connected
here online, and that the computer has really taken a centerpiece role in most
of our lives (business, socializing, shopping, learning), but we might all
get a little more juice out of life if we can get outside a bit more.

I was approaching the idea of posting last week almost like doing homework.
I really just wanted to be outside, but felt obligated to post something. Instead
of being sane and just doing small quick posts, I felt that I would have to do
a monster post with lots of pics and text...taking an hour usually. Seriously,
sometimes a post will easily take an hour with uploading and arranging photos.

Just keep it short and simple, right?

These were the two hives that I picked up on Thursday right after getting back
from Los Angeles. I got there at 4:45, and had to wait around until about 9:15
until all the bees were back inside the hive. It was fine though, because I just picked wild foods the whole time, and even found some catnip that I hope to reestablish in my garden later on.

I then loaded them into the back of this little Toyota Yaris (actually a really cool car, way cheaper than a Prius and has just about the same mileage) and then had to drive a grueling 5 hours north.

I was half asleep, my butt was KILLING me from sitting on airplane and car seats all
day and night, and bees were climbing up my pants and shirt. I didn't get stung though, but it was one of the most trying experiences Ive had in a LONG time.

After having to pull over twice and take a nap, I made it home around 4am, unloaded the bees and cleaned the car so my mom would have it ready for her in the morning for work, and then went finally to bed. Id been up since 5am the previous morning, and with all that just really wears on a person. PLEASE...if you are driving and are getting the "sleepies", just pull into a rest stop, lock your car, and take a nap. You dont want to swerve into oncoming traffic or the ditch on the side of the road. Its just not worth it. I was eating bee pollen like mad too, and that didnt keep me going. However, I did have a few apples, and the sugar did pep me up a bit.

We tried to pick up the bees a week before that, but we got there really late and there was a tree blocking the road because of a lightning storm. After breaking off the large branches that were blocking the edge of the road, we were on our way again. We were literally one mile away from the hives...I was wondering if this was a sign. We were scared about getting struck by lighting, so we ended up taking empty hives (total newcomer mistake) and then proceeded to drive 5 hours with no bees.

This pic is from the second time I was there. You can see how the shed is metal and the old bee hives were at the base of the metal basketball hoop. I seriously thought I was going to be struck by lightning that night. Aaron had deja vu right then too, and I was wondering if he foresaw his own death and whether or not we were both goners. I am. Alive and well (minus a little poison ivy on my arm).


AND...the new site is UP!!!! I hope everyone loves it! MASSIVE thanks to Dawn, Dhru, and Rajiv for really making this happen. There is simply no way that this could have ever turned out so well without you three. Endless thanks.

No more huge delays, Ive learned my lesson. I did make lots of videos and Ill be
sure to help everyone with the wheatgrass questions and will be writing lots soon.



Lovingraw said...

The site came out awesome bro... really nice job!

Penni said...

I love keeping up with everything you're doing! The new site is really like!

Anonymous said...

Anthony-Had to comment on the (without blog comment). Good for you! I think our tech life has gotten really out of hand. After reading "High Tech Trash" I was so sickened at our tech obsession and what we as Americans have done to the world .... I got more responsible. I connect more with my higher self in silence and not the computer. Now don't get me wrong, I love your posts especially when you talk about how you feel in nature. That is really the key to going raw. A more connected self with purity...unprocessed whole natural food and life. I now limit myself to a very small time on the computer. I do it like my food, quality, not quantity. Still tech is part of our world, but like our society with eating, our tech usage is way out of balance. I told my brother that we are addicted to our tech toys. A simple life with the plants, trees and the blue sky is the most healing, uplifting time that anyone can ever spend. I am sure that you understand what I am talking about.
...and belated Happy Birthday with love....

June 16th

Anonymous said...

What new site are you talking about Anthony?

Anonymous said...

This site, dear anonymous:

Ain't it a beauty?


Lovely bee pics! Woohoo! SO cool. Thanks for the inspiration, A.


Becca Campbell said...

Site=Way better! Now I can see everything and click to my heart's content!
Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is my new fave blog. I love beauty and I love raw.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anthony,

I love your blog. I can only imagine all of the people you inspire. I am also from MN. It is great to see what you are creating!

Keep up the good work!


Natanya said...

Props Anthony. This site must have taken a lot of time, but it also shows your devotion to a better life for us all and the love you have for what you do. Thanks for your inspiring life! ;) And happy belated birthday! Twitter will be great for those quick updates on the go :)


Unknown said...

My Netflix just got hooked up. Thanks for putting up the recommended viewing section under Permaculture.

I watched 'Go Further' with Woody Harrelson last night. It was inspirational to see the changes in some SAD people when they adopted a new diet and gave up some destructive habits.

Anonymous said...

i'm not 100% raw, but I am vegan (mainly for health reasons but the animals and the enviornment is definitely a bonus) but I eat raw honey.

i hate that when i am around other vegans, i feel like i have to keep it from them that i eat raw honey. When they find out, they generally argue with me, saying that bees are animals and honey is animal products.

i can't however knock my title own to vegetarian, because if i did, i'd be served milk, butter, cheese, eggs, etc.!

what is your take on this? is raw organic honey make someone not vegan? ( in my mind, i still am vegan, regardless, i guess.)

thank you,
i love your blog!


bearways said...

whoa! Looks like we're doing some similar things there buddy. except I'm probably eating a little more offal and cheese. Way to bring it to minnesota!
Evan Dvorsak (we went to school jefferson together dude!)