Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Teaser Vid, and THANKS

I just finished editing a little teaser video
for my Minnesota Permaculture Project.

Its called "A Model for Living".
I really do feel that it is a model for living.
We can alleviate so many problems if we can
somehow incorporate the strategies of permaculture
into our lives. By doing this we can possibly avoid:

Having to buy sub-standard food for us and our loved ones,
Having to pay for heating and electric bills,
Feeling low all the time, whether mentally of physically,
Being dependent on fossil fuels to ship us food and keep us warm,
Being dependent on a job we dont like so we can simply pay bills,
And of course...
Making MUCH less of a negative footprint on our Mother Earth.

You save money, your health, and the Earth.
Is it not all connected?

So stay tuned...

And thanks to all the comments coming in.
People can be so opinionated!
Im glad to see it...I want Rawmodel to become
a hub for open ideas about our diets, the way
we live our lives, how we are evolving on all levels,
and how we are growing our food.

I love the thank you.



Jennifer said...

Hi Anthony, I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. I found you through Bueller and CSL. Your eco-project has been my dream for many years. I am so excited for you! I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's finished. I've noticed that you've never mentioned the book Ishmael in all of your posts about empowering yourself through growing your own food. If you haven't yet read it, I strongly encourage you to do so. You won't be disappointed!
Wishing you all the best, Jennifer

KristinGoneRaw said...

Very nice! Looking forward to what's to come!

Anonymous said...

Right on, Anthony! It's totally all connected. Couldn't have said it better myself. Wonderful thing your doing out there in Minnesota. I can't wait to get my own project underway.

You'll never guess what my mother told me today on the phone! She said that she was watching the news and that some farmer's are actually going back to using mules because of gas costs! Wow.


Michelle said...

Love it Anthony! Your getting really good at editing and making cool videos! I kept expecting to see you pop up at the end!!

Linda Salas said...

Hey there inspiration! This sunday a couple of friends and us are going to to this nice rural area nearby to look at land for a cooperative permaculture project, I hope we can be as successful as you have been with yours. We are buying books and learning and we are planning to go to these amazing eco-village workshops here in Mexico!! I am very excited for us, your resolve to make it happen has been very inspiring to me!

katy said...

Just a big thank you - as ever for what you are doing here... you manage to be informative wise stimulating educational caring & humble...
I do find in my own life that the people who have issues around me being raw tend to be projecting all their own issues about food & their body onto the whole lifestyle. The more harshly they react the more it says about them... if i'm put in a position of having to defend it at some point i gently show them the pictures in Gabriel Cousens book 'Rainbow green live food cuisine' of body tissue before & after 3 months on raw - phase 1 diet...
It ends to impress them !
Best wishes & happiness to you

Anthony said...

Oh my Linda...that is SO exciting!!
Wow...I am really so happy for all of you. I have a huge smile on my face. Your place is going to be so perfect...and just think of what youll be able to grow there. I really hope that one day I can see it...likewise for you and your husband. If for any reason you should be in the US...think about stopping by in the summer...

SO happy for you!

Anthony said...

Kate...VERY well said. I love your approach. Good idea with the pictures too...if they are really interested, those pics would be pretty convincing.

I think its a negative reaction on most people's part because either:
1. They are feeling judged by someone raw, as if they are stupid to be eating the food that they enjoy OR
2. They feel bad about themselves because it has been made apparent to them that they are either unconscious about what they are actually putting into their body or they have realized that they are self-destructive. Both things could be quite an upset to someone who was just going along with the crowd and pleasing their tastebuds before before the rest of their body.

Great ideas!!


Anthony said...

Hi Tash...funny thing about the Mules...the farmers should be eating that grass! Are we ready to adapt to life in the 19th Century? Will this really divide the rich and the poor like never before?

My grandpa just retired from dairy farming. What totally shocked me was the amount of machinery and imputs that go into growing food for these animals, when all they give us is mucus and cholesterol.

If you drive around the midwest...just look in the fields. FOOD FOR ANIMALS...not for people.

We are in the bizarro world...

SproutingSeed said...

Rock on Brother! I especially love the Wu Tang instrumental! I can't wait to see what is to come.


Anonymous said...

Great point Tony. Not only the land that we grow food for the Cows but the WATER it takes to grow the food for the cows. If you really take a step back and think about humans drinking white liquid that comes out of a cow that is intended for a baby cow, but humans take it a step further and drink it their whole life and are told it is the healthiest thing you can drink. Weird to me. We might as well be drinking dog milk....

Anonymous said...

I showed your first video in Minnesota with your dad where you are burning the brush pile to my dad. Then he asked me, "why don't you buy some land of your own and grow your own food?" I was pleasantly surprised. I did hear on MPR that this woman from Tennesse was growing her own food to save money and that there is a rise in seed purchase.

People talk about starvation in the world. But I know that you and some others specifically vegetarians have made the rational that there wouldn't be starvation if people at fruits and vegies as appose to meat. And yeah all that grass goes to cows not people. Eating meat doesn't make logical sense to me especially if it's a large part of the diet.

Thanks so much for your video. I get excited every time I see your latest video.

you bring so much love and we love you back- Rebeka

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anthony. Yeah, I know...bizzaro world. Good points you have. We feed animals in our fields that were originally wild (especially the cow thing) when we could feed more people if we didn't. We use so much acreage to feed our animals when we could be using that acreage to feed ourselves directly. Completely defies logic.

Hi, Aaron. Yeah...the idea of the pus, isn't it awful? I honestly do not do well with milk digestive system can't take a lot, and I kinda' do naturally gravitate towards veganism, been vegetarian since sixteen. My conventional nutrition teacher mentioned in class that it's not logical to drink cow's milk if you really think about it. Thank God the conventional nutritionists, at least some of them, are beginning to realize this and make it known!

Anthony said...

Hey Rebeka...thanks always for your great your thoughts. I hope the foraging is going at 100% now that the weather is good. Look for plantain, dandelion, and nettles. You should be able to find tons these days.

Good luck with everything...listen to your dad! Get some land. I know there is still cheap land in Virginia and youd be able to start pretty soon. At least get the trees going.

Anyways...have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I am foraging for dandelion and I just observe other green plants. I'm still learning so I think it might be a while before I forage for other wild stuff besides clover, onion grass (which is rare) I don't know how to forage for anything that isn't really obvious. I'm trying to learn. I'm also reading the Audobon books on poisoness and edible plants.
I'd like to get some land in the future but I don't know when because I'm planning on going back to school and majoring in film. I think once I develop my career then I'll focus about getting some land. Who knows when its going to happen but making movies has been a big dream of mine and raw foods and the community have been a huge inspiration for me. There is a strong possibility that I will make films that include a live foods theme and life enriching philosophies.

I'm grateful every day for my friends (including You) in the raw foods community. There are so many warm, loving wonderful people. Life feels so good now.

One thing that I noticed lately the more I go raw the more I become aware of my senses. It might have to do with the fact that my digestive system isn't overburdened with cooked or heavily processed food.

I love foraging for dandelion. I might have to go on a guided tour one of these days but my foraging has gone from once every two weeks to once every three days. I saw a dead dog in the woods so I wasn't sure if that was a concern about the condition of the dandelion. I didn't pick dandelion within 3-4 feet away from the dead dog. I hope I don't discourage anyone. I have discovered that the less I drive and the more i forage the more I discover the little nuances of my surroundings.

Oh yeah I can't get over how in some of your photos you looked like Superman. I have that picture in my mind that some day I will be Superwoman and I am somewhat fixated on that idea of being superhuman.

I can't stop writing and so much is going in my mind because I also think about the poigniant thoughts of other wonderful people on this message area. So I'll end up saying this for the rest of my life because I feel it from the bottom of my heart.

It makes life so grand to be surrounded by intelligent, open, loving warm hearted, giving people in the raw foods community. I dance all the time and you are all in my thoughts. I don't need to make dreams in my mind I just close my eyes and think about my raw family.

Rebeka- keep it up Anthony aka Peter Pan - you remind of him because of your youthfulness, enthusiasm, charisma and positivity

Anthony said...

Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by.

I have read Ishmael, and it profoundly affected me. I read that back in 2003 when I moved to Europe and had all this time to read and not be distracted by TV, school, or work.

Ishmael is AMAZING. The idea of the TAKERS and the history of agricultural civilizations totally knocked me off of my feet. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to raise their awareness a LOT.

Mytie said...

Amazing...simply great stuff!

I am going to try to live off my garden. Finding all the joy of growing and the power of the raw foods that I am putting into my all just makes too much sense. Great job and Bless!

Anonymous said...

Rebeka....the best way to get started on your foraging life is to buy a few referrence books and pick out five kinds of food that you want to forage for the year rather then going out and trying to forage for 20 different things. The next year, pick five more. After 4 years you will be an expert forager of 20 different species. Tony and I have both been buying different books. I know "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" is a great book. There are so many more too. I really dont have to go far to find dandylions (sp?) because they are more full in my yard then grass.....also, lucky for me there are some plum trees close to home. It is alot of fun and I cant wait for Tones to get his ars back here.

Anonymous said...

I was walking along a side walk near my friend's house and saw wild straw berries for the first time. Seeing wild strawberries was more exciting than watching the new Indiana Jones movie.
Thanks for the advice Aaron; I'll keep it in mind to look for five wild foods according the audobon book that should keep the momentum going.
I went to the farmers market and got spicy cauliflower in addition to strawberries and red onions. None of the tents that sold produce carried organic. So if I buy local, conventional, pesticide free produce is it better than buying organic from a grocery store that was shipped in from CA? When you get the opportunity please let me know.
I feel that in addition to noticing a strong life force, farmers market produce seems better quality than the organic produce sold in the store.
It was a beautiful day despite the allergies.
Thanks for everything - Rebeka