Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sea Agriculture Discoveries

I've been recently learning about Sea Agriculture,
and to tell you the truth, I am simply BLOWN AWAY.

Everything I thought I knew about compost and fertilizers
is pretty much null and void at this point.

We have to be flexible with what is currently in our mind.
Even if we were born into one paradigm of thinking,
or taught that something is true by our parents,
we have to be open to the fact that it might possibly be untrue.

I would have testified that composting is the best thing ever...
I would have told you this two days I have had to change my beliefs.

As long as the MINERALS are missing, it doesnt really matter.
Sure, by composting we are making it better, but we arent getting
the full spectrum of minerals that we should be getting in our food.
Of course Im going to keep composting so I can build up the soil
from the clayey sand that I have to deal with right now, but...

I recently spoke with Kevin from and
ordered two gallons of their "Thalassa Mix".
I now believe that this method of agriculture is what will
remineralize our bodies and minds and speed up our evolution
in ways we never thought possible. Get ready to have your super powers back.

Im going to set up a hydroponic system as well, and see what results
I get. Don Jansen uses diluted seawater and runs that same water
through his hydroponic system for one month. No other fertilizers,
sprays, or treatments. The plants are VERY productive, completely healthy and have
no pests. Can humans experience the same results with total
remineralization? I fully believe that this is the case.

One gallon of mix will make probably 175 gallons of treated water.
Its all about growing the best food possible, and I think that by
going back to the ocean is where its really at.

2 key ideas...

The proportion of minerals in the ocean is the exact proportion
of minerals that should be found in the human body.
We come from the ocean, so this is perfect logic.

And there are 350 million cubic miles of ocean water on the planet,
and no matter where you go, if you take one glass of ocean water,
the EXACT ratio will always be present. Water is that intelligent.

Oh yes...and what plant can take all the minerals found in the ocean?
GRASS. Ocean grown wheatgrass. I am SO excited for this.
Remember, one gallon equals 175 gallons of water.
Think of the possibilities. No more fertilizers, no sprays.
Monsanto can't make the ocean illegal, can they?

Google Sea Agriculture or Don Jansen for more info.
I am so excited about this.



Anonymous said...

Far out, dude. Interesting stuff. I'm itching to see how this develops.

Anonymous said...

I think the reason the Raw Food diet hasn't really attracted the general population is because most people would rather enjoy a life where they can eat whatever they want in moderation as opposed to working out 4 hours a day and spending almost every waking second of the day thinking about and planning their next raw meal. Yes, even if it means MAYBE sacrificing 5-7 yrs of their lives. Every now and then a hardworking citizen (who isn't blessed enough to be a male model and have the luxury to ride bikes and plant flowers) wants to kick back at a resort and order 5 pina coladas and baked clams-- he or she is not thinking about going exploring and climbing trees to find the best maple leaf to toast. I know you say you don't judge, but the fact is that is why anti-Raw converts may still feel slightly uncomfortable around you; it causes a guilt and then a frusteration and even more unfavorable view of Raw.

Anthony said...

I admit that at first being raw can be very consuming. Food planning and prep does take time if you let it. Eventually, I think most of us would evolve to a state where we simply have our green smoothies, green juices, and fruits, then go about our day.

The biggest thing is the QUALITY of life...not just the extra 5-7 years. I feel SO much better now that Im raw. More alert and happy...more aware of everything around me. They dont know what they are missing yet because they have never experienced optimal health. Floating around is the meso-health area seems good enough for most people...and because their lives are possibly so drab, they might need food to make it exciting.

I went two years without making any money modeling. If I would have had a regular job and lived meagerly like I did for the past 4 years, Id have much more money than I do now. People just need excuses for the mediocrity.

And if everyone rode bikes and planted trees instead of driving (paying for) cars and buying food, they just might have more freedom to do what they want in life.

Insecurity is so horribly unattractive. I know people might feel guilt when they eat cooked food in front of me, but thats their issue. I just want to talk with them and spend time together.

Oh toasting of maple leaves either...

Anthony said...

On top of that, most people arent attracted to RAW food because there is a very strong "crunchy granola" connotation with it. The hippy crowd, as right as they may be about raw food, usually scare the mainstreamers away. That is what keeps people away from raw food.

Eating an apple is about as fast as fast food gets.

It takes a bunch of time if you believe it does.

Anonymous said...

Some may say that living in NYC, or any big city, can contribute just as much negative health impact as eating cooked food from time to time. Do you think that breathing in toxins and pollution from day to day keeps you from reaching optimum health? Your choice to put yourself in that environment might be the same decision that someone else makes to not be 100% raw. I think it is just how you view optimum health. You have obviously made the decision that living in an urban setting doenst effect your health enought to stay out of it. I am sure you can admit that it does pose a health risk, as minor it may be, but it might not be any smaller then the choice to eat a cooked meal once in a while. Balance is the key and balance means different things for different people. You have great balance, that much is more then obvious! Just some good conversational thinking that I have pondered from time to time. I dont even know if anything i wrote in this post carries any water....maybe you have some opinions?

Anthony said...

I DEFINITELY think that living in an urban environment (bad air, electromagnetic junk flying all around, and just stress overall) DOES keep me from optimum health.

When I was in Minnesota for two week in August 06, I came back to NY and my eyes were purely white. One week later, not the case. That is why I am making plans for my eventual escape. Being in NY is a means to an end for me...something that Im not crazy about but will fund my project and give me more cred with the raw crowd. If I was just some guy that went raw, I dont think I would have got people as excited about going raw as well, somehow the whole modeling aspect gets people's attention.

The air is actually not so bad in NYC though...tons of fresh atlantic air blowing through...but trust you know Aaron, it is not the perfume of nature.

Everything has to fall into place...clean air, water, and adequate physical activity and good people around you. Then you soar.


Anonymous said... also has a really good product. I've been using it in my garden with awesome results!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart-I just want to run over to NY and hug you sometime. I feel like you are a child in love with the new discovery of crawling, then walking, talking etc. Raw has given you a new reason to get up in the morning. I feel that I am so lucky, because not matter what, my family supports me with my raw, my bodybuilding, my whatever. They even support me with my equipment to go raw. I just had my neice over and she was licking the plates of food I served her. If that isn't support... They even went so far as to take a picture of one sibling licking a plate at CRU. Yes, the waiter said he saw us. What's a girl to do. SO.. Just enjoy what you are doing, no matter how people judge you. So, I hug you from well, be happy and be raw.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you posting about oceangrown solution. We use it in our garden, and have definitely seen less insect damage this year.
Also interesting to note is that Helen and Scott Nearing grew increcible produce on their farm in Maine with animal free compost. They did not use manure. Instead they harvested seaweed from the Maine coastline to use in the compost pile. You would love their books, Anthony. They were social and political activists, living off the land... What they called The Good Life. :)

Anonymous said...

I think at some level, you also have a limited view of why people don't like being "raw."

Not everyone associates it w/ Crunchy Some people just don't see the value in it, or don't think it yields the "ultimate health cure." There are alternative methodologies of achieving presence AND health.

Anna Alexopoulos said...

Anthony, I couldn't agree with you more. Do your thing and if people feel uncomfortable around you that is their issue. Thats totally about cannot blame someone else about how you are feeling, thats about you.

I don't feel uncomfortable at all by what you say. I became a vegetarian in August, did a detox a few months ago and am now vegan. I am mostly raw and on my journey to becoming raw. The thing is I feel INCREDIBLE when I eat raw. I had this amazing raw meal today and felt like dancing while I was driving home (and did a little)! I know I want to be raw because of what I experience when I eat this way.

I live in Phoenix and our air is probably much worse than NYC; we don't have any ocean nearby to help sweep out that crummy dusty air. Anyway, have people forgotten that you may live in an urban environment, but you also have much better raw restaurants/options than most of us living elsewhere.

Keep doing your thing!

Anonymous said...

If you can't get ocean water, experiment with soaking raw seaweed--dulse, kelp, nori, etc.--in water to draw out the minerals, then water your plants with it. Maybe even use some seaweed directly as fertilizer. I haven't tried it, but it sounds like it's worth a shot. You could start with something like wheatgrass that grows quickly and won't break you heart if it dies.

Debbie Young said...

Anthony! I am going to Au Lac for the first time sunday, what should I order??
I know you have favorites there..
Ps. My post all about YOU is coming soon, perhaps tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anthony,
Great timing with this subject. I've been researching ocean grown solution and hydroponics/ automatic sprouters for the last few weeks - with my main interest to be able to have fresh wheatgrass and microgreens daily. I'm an apartment dweller - so need something of reasonable size that doesn't need to be hooked up to a water source. Interested in hearing more about your hydroponic journey...and am so enjoying the play by play on the Minnesota project!

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest reason Anthony has chosen a raw food lifestyle is because it has taken him to a new spiritual level. He has told me that the food is only an afterthought now; a small part of his life, although it may appear otherwise in his blog. I know Anthony keeps saying that he uses the fact that he's a model as a vehicle; but the truth is that he has a lot more to offer than that, and it's obvious.

Yeah, you can kick back on the beach with clams and pina coladas; but why do you need the clams to kick back? Why not just enjoy the amazing sand and incredible ocean? I think that's what he is really trying to convey. Everyone wants to kick back, even models.... He wants people to clean up their lives and get back to the basics. Raw food hasn't attracted the majority of the population because they don't know about it. And last time I checked, most Americans do think about food every second of the day; constantly planning their days around their meals.

How stringent he chooses to be with eating raw food is up to him. I don't do any drugs and I don't smoke cigarettes; and I don't like being around people who do either. Does that make me judgmental or wrong? No. I'm simply making a choice and standing up for what I believe in. If Anthony believes that cooked food is bad food, that's totally up to him. You don't have to agree.

I know judgmental people, and I know non-judgmental people. From the very little I know about Anthony, I don't think he has a judgmental bone in his body. He is kind, very thoughtful and gracious.


Debbie Young said...

Hey A
My profile on you is up:
Hope I did you justice, thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read the lifefood blog by MMA athlete Luke Cummo?

He advocates putting a pinch of seasalt (sun dried only) in drinking water for re-mineralization. Have you tried this? Seems to go with your Ocean minerals for people theory. Very interested in your thoughts. Thanks for the blog! Very educational without being preachy.

Anthony said...

I have heard of Luke friend Aaron turned me onto him, and he is a huge fan of David Jubb.

The Sea Agriculture workshops I was listening to had a little conflict between patrick timpone and Don Jansen because Don Jansen believes that inorganic minerals must be absorbed by plants FIRST before WE can use them. Just taking sea salt wont matter.

Now that is totally contradictory to what I have been led to believe, and what most others have said. I just dont know. Sea salt would contain the minerals if rainwater didnt wash anything away during the drying process. I still take seasalt, and likely always will. But one stick of celery has enough sodium for the entire day. Maybe we should try to get it all from plants.

Timpone has my viewpoint. Check out his site at



You say Monsanto can't illegalize the ocean, but they can, unfortunately, pollute it to the point you can't use it without their help to fabricate nutrients in a lab -- exactly the same plight as GMOs are creating for what is grown with those nutrients.

The answer has to be an abandonment of capital and adoption of voluntary, sustainable community. It's utopian, fine. Show me a viable alternative to this "impossible" utopia. There's no excuse for not doing the right thing.


Consider David Wheeler's M-Water as a carrier for your nutrients. He's a mystic crediting some goddess for his insights, unfortunately, but his techniques yield tangible results. A 6-month study changing nothing in the diet but adding his water shifted pH by more than a quarter, phenominal for a systemic indicator like that.

One other thing to consider is pH balance in meals, also called trophology. For example, acidic citrus should not be taken with alkali greens because their digestive juices neutralize each other and digest neither.

Speaking of greens, in a VitaMix which is powerful enough to rupture the cellulose encasing each cell's chlorophyll, raw greens (not vegetables, just green leaves!) can be blended with (non-acidic) fruit (e.g. banana) to both aid digestion and remove the bitter taste of alkaloids present in almost every green plant.