Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Masterpieces of Frederic Back

Two Works of Frederic Back...
Both so enlightening.
Both truly masterpieces.
One shows the destruction that many men can do.
One shows the pure positive creation that one man can do.

I highly encourage you to see them both.
They are both wonderful and need to be shared with all.
The man that created these drew every single frame including
the backgrounds...tens of thousands of drawings to show us such
powerful stories...you can purchase his whole collection on Amazon HERE.
He actually drew 200,000(!!!) drawings to create
"The Man Who Planted Trees!"

The Mighty River
(The Story of the St. Lawrence River over the past 400 years)

The Man Who Planted Trees
(The story of a man in France who planted a forest with his bare hands)

(low audio...you might want headphones for this one)

An important lesson here is the power of consciousness.
One conscious man was able to do SO MUCH positivity.
It took tens of thousands of unconscious men to pillage the St Lawrence,
but it only took one conscious man to create a forest.

Think about that...the power of a conscious soul that is active.
It greatly outshadows the unconscious destruction that may surround
some of us...but just know how it lies within you...always.

Whenever a person is ready to assume the task of co-creation,
the Universe sets up support systems to make it manifest.
Every time.

These works have come back into our lives for a reason.
Ive said it before, but it needs repeating:
I FULLY believe that we have come to this planet to bring
Paradise back again...to turn Earth back into the Paradise Garden it was.

People may get esoteric about why we are here...humanity's destiny.
They might say that we are here to fully explore ourselves
on the physical level and hopefully reach enlightenment one day.

Some will say that its a test...a time to prove ourselves worthy.

The beauty of this is that if we choose to turn Earth back into the
paradise garden it once was, all of these things and more will be achieved.

I feel as if its a PREREQUISITE. That we need to act and co-create
before we can philosophize about why we are truly here.

Again...grow the paradise around you...the paradise that Earth WANTS
to be again...the Earth as we found it...it is time to reconnect.