Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Model For Living at Organic Avenue next Thursday!!!

Ive formulated a lecture/presentation that has
condensed everything I know when it comes to green living
and conscious eating...I will cover 5 broad topics in the 2.5-3hr event.

How I came into this lifestyle
Food (with lots of giveaways and samples)
Exercise (both for mind and body at the same time)
Gardening (Food Forests and Permaculture to Save Ourselves)
And Conscious Green Living with guided meditations
and tips on how to take our lives to the next level.

I truly feel that this event will change lives.
If one thing is even taken away from this event it could
ripple out into major changes for people.

I truly hope to see you there, please contact Organic Avenue HERE
for more info and to register. You must register so we know how much
stuff to bring along! Thanks so much and see you there!!!