Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Venice Community Gardens Urban Permaculture Talk

Last sunday I was lucky enough to be invited to speak
at the Venice Community Garden. I spoke about why food forests
are the key to bringing health back to the cities and its inhabitants.

This photo makes me so happy!

This community garden isnt even a year old yet.

Trying to summon the garden spirits to bless all of us lol :)
I think I was actually talking about kiwi vines climbing up trees hahaha

We were soaking up the vitamin D that day...no weird white lines in the sky either!

Bobby Is-Real gave a great talk on ways for us to co-create and share
our resources to help the cities become paradise again.
Im really excited to be teaming up with both him and Norma.

Speaking of Norma...she is the organizer of the Venice Community Garden.
She brought this community garden to 55 families who are now
growing their own food! How cool is that???
And this garden isnt even a year old!
Just think of the power that one person can hold!!!!

I covered the basics of permaculture,
my experiences in Northern and Southern growing zones,
and working with the birds and the bees!
So much to share...I couldve kept going on and on but
Brother Sun was telling us to wrap it up!

I am collaborating with both Norma and Bobby to help
bring this idea of urban food forests to the LA area.
Together we are creating a wonderful synergy and
the time is absolutely perfect for the changes to occur.
And they already are! We are planting a food forest tmrw in Mar Vista
and will continue obviously spreading ideas and inspiration.

Even if one person showed up...that is one person that will hopefully
get turned onto an idea so powerful that it can affect the lives of
people living hundreds of years from now.

One guy in the crowd came up to me after the talk and told me
that of all the talks he has heard about the topic mine was by far
the most informative and entertaining! Ha! That felt great.

I wore the tie to prove a point.
Some of us in the green-living community can be judgmental towards
the "9 to 5" crowd...thinking that we might know more or are more "advanced".

That kind of thinking feeds NOTHING positive.
Our brothers and sisters who work all day in the office
are the ones that can have the biggest affect on this movement.
Imagine if a business executive gets turned onto replanting paradise?
Think of the resources she could put towards that idea.
Would she create more change than an angry Karl Marx fan living in
his parent's basement? Do you see my point?

We are all on this rock flying thru space...lets make it fun
and turn it into a paradise planet now that we have the heart and
mind to do so! I think this is the perfect time and I welcome all
of those who seek a better world for their children to give this idea a try.

We filmed a very good chunk of this talk, as did some people in the
audience so this talk will be up on youtube soon!!!

Thank you Norma, Bobby, Ria, and all the members of the garden.
I hope to be a regular contributor if I indeed move back to LA soon!
You have such a magical place there and I am SOOO happy and SOOO
impressed by what you are all creating! MUCH LOVE + RESPECT!!!!!