Friday, May 27, 2011

A new post! What?

Making friends with the Chipmunks...they just use me for food though ;)

I just have very little desire to be on the computer much these days.
There is just so much to experience in the garden, and Im studying
a new language and working out + stretching so life is great.

If you are missing out, check out my FB page HERE.
I post there thru the iphone pretty often, especially with new pics.

I have been eating SO much wild food, and really consuming
loads of raw grass fed dairy and eggs from a local farm that is just
too good to be true - 15 min away and Jersey Cows! LOVE THAT.

Nettles! I have been drinking nettle tea and even used the greens
for a pesto! Ive been eating dandelions too, but nettles are just awesome.
They grow in the shade too...totally a spring ephemeral.
Remember that! All your shady spots that can be tucked away would
be a perfect spot for nettles...I bought some more currants and gooseberries
as well....and everything has just exploded in green.

Now that the good weather is here, I feel like the drift
away from the computer becomes more and more intense.

I hope you pursue this path too! I DO love the internet
and all the info it has brought us, but sitting down in front
of the screen just has less and less appeal after being outside and
being grounded all the time now.

Ive also started to collect seeds from this garden.
They are biodynamic, the soil is loaded with root fungi,
and they all received foliar sprays.

Ill mail these to Blackbird HQ is Arizona so they can get
them ready for everyone...also - if youre interested in anything I might
have in the garden, email me at to see whats
available. You never know...Ill mail it out priority mail so you get it quick.
Email me and we'll see.

Big hugs everyone!